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For some people, this article about jojoba oil will come as no surprise – after all, the wonderful extract has seen a grand rise in popularity in recent years, and for some very good reasons. For the rest of you, the ubiquitous and mysterious nature of jojoba oil has likely not come across your mind in the past. There are so many utilities associated with the extract, that there had to be an article written all about it, natures best kept secret is about to be unleashed. 

Jojoba oil is a natural carrier, which indicates its widespread utility from the get-go. If you don’t know what a carrier is, fear not, we have you covered. Overall, the use of jojoba oil has been heralded as a gamechanger for many people suffering from dry skin conditions, or those who wish there were a more natural way of strengthening and moisturizing their epidermis without the assistance of overcrowding chemicals to garner a result. 

The use of jojoba oil is on a steady and meteoric rise, and today, we’ll go over a few of the more fundamental reasons that you should be incorporating it into your life. 

Wait, What Is A Carrier?

Yes, this was promised earlier on. A carrier extract is more or less derived from the natural world and is used to supplement and ‘carry’ a concoction onto the skin in a safe and even manner. You’ll likely hear about ‘essentials’ and ‘carriers’ when you delve into the side of the internet that is awash with natural conversations about healthier and greener alternatives to chemically enhanced products.

A carrier can be identified as the vehicle that ore potent essentials can be diluted within, making it a more applicable substance. As essential extracts are typically incredibly potent and often dangerous to apply directly to the skin or be ingested, a good carrier is able to circumvent the issue and allow for a smoother experience and is common to find them in skincare treatments, creams, lotions and hair care products. 

The Jojoba Oil Story

While it is technically defined and named as such, jojoba oil is more akin to a wax ester. The plant in which it is derived from can sustain an incredible amount of punishment. The plant is native to North America and can survive incredibly harsh heating conditions with little to no care placed on it. It is a survivor if there ever was one. 

The waxy substance has been around for centuries, but only recently has it garnered the attention of skincare companies and homemade entrepreneurs, all of whom have been finding the naturally occurring vitamin content and minerals having a tremendously beneficial effect on the skin. It can be utilised on its own merit, or in conjunction with a number of other creams, ointments and solutions to create a multitude of alternate concoctions.

While the often-confusing identity crisis it seems to be in the centre of, between being defined and named jojoba oil and yet maintaining the physical notes of a wax – the substance is certainly turning heads in all the right ways. 

The Fundamental Uses

When having a look through the various trappings and buildups of jojoba oil, you’d be remis if you didn’t consider the incredible properties it has in conjunction with use on the skin. The natural profile and chemical buildup of jojoba oil lends itself to be an incredibly potent and overwhelmingly effective skin moisturiser. This is in no small part thanks to the antioxidant content and vitamin E enriched makeup of it in its natural state. 

Using it on its own has been celebrated by numerous online beauty blogs and makeup companies as wax ester is a prime component of the naturally occurring sebum that is produced by our skin. As such, the application of jojoba oil in its natural form on the skin enriches and balances the sebum and state of our skin. Due to it being so absorbent in the skin, and being virtually odourless, it is already a super-skin treatment all on its own. 

There are, however, more applications for jojoba oil than you know. 

Sensitive Creams & Lotions

The use of jojoba oil in skin creams and lotions is becoming more popular thanks to the astonishing results being seen by users around the world. Touting the extract as the main proponent in good skin health. Being classified as hypoallergenic is wonderful news for anyone who is prone to sensitivity when it comes to skincare and general skin health. 

For those with a sensitive palate, using some jojoba oil on its own or incorporating it into your own homemade skin creams and lotions would be a wise experiment to conduct to see for yourself. 

Lipstick & Mascara

There are many who use jojoba oil as a principal ingredient in lipstick and mascara. Of course, this would signify that the use of the ingredient be in its wax form for easier integration. The naturally occurring elements that comprise the substance transfer into the beauty product, further enhancing the look and feel of lipsticks and mascaras, without the chemical alternatives. The presence of vitamins B and E for instance are tremendously beneficial for lip health and softness. 

Haircare Extraordinaire  

Jojoba oil is also fantastically effective when applied to hair, and especially in conditioning products where strengthening and shimmering results are expected. The vitamins we mentioned earlier are incredibly beneficial to the hair follicles as well as the skin, enriching and moisturizing hair to give a lustre that would usually require chemical intervention without jojoba oil. The hair shaft is strengthened, and as a result, bolsters the health of the hair while simultaneously moisturizing the often-forgotten scalp skin which gets a healthy dose of the substance when properly incorporated into the product.

Makeup No More

One particular pet peeve for many around the world is the makeup removal part of the evening. This typically requires a mess of chemicals to get the skin back to its natural state. Jojoba oil stands above the pack once again, with its application onto the skin allowing a swift and easy removal process to be conducted. The naturally occurring benefits of the vitamins and minerals in the substance add a unique shimmer to the end of an evening. 

Other Uses Still Up For Debate

While we are not claiming any benefit without due process, there are some studies being conducted surrounding the applications of jojoba oil in different contexts and potentially foundational manners. One such study is currently being debated surrounding the potential healing properties and assisted wound healing properties of jojoba oil, which we are all keeping a keen eye on for further developments. 

The presence of jojoba oil in sunscreen is also a hopeful future prospect, with the natural vitamins being optimal for keeping skin damage to a minimum with responsible precautions being taken of course. 


Yes, jojoba oil is certainly a wonderfully hopeful substance that the world is finally catching up on. Through the practical applications for skincare and haircare, the natural extract is a great contributor to the natural movement currently taking place in various communities. More people are beginning to see the dangers of chemically dependent skincare regimens and are looking at extracts like jojoba oil as a potential alternative for the future.

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