Things to be aware of before investing in Bitcoin

This crypto currency since its advent in the tech world to making it to the discussion table in the creeks and corners of Wall Street has often been surrounded by myths. It’s not easy to debunk these myths without having a basic set of knowledge about the same. Here’s a list of the essentials you need to know before investing in this investment haven:

It is a decentralized currency!

What’s that? In comparison to regional currencies like the US Dollar, Yen, Pound, et cetera which undergoes a centralized system, Bitcoin takes a different route through a decentralized system. This currency is out of the breaches of government influence, the influence of financial institutions and any other third party. It cannot be seized or devalued by a third party, which is the case for other currencies going through a centralized system. This also means that you can invest in apps, online games that accept Bitcoins like Bitcoin champion.

It is a real currency without a physical form

By now everyone is aware that Bitcoin doesn’t exist in a physical form, so is it a fake currency? No. It is a currency that can be exchanged over the internet and it is traced by using block chain technology. Surely it doesn’t have a physical form but that doesn’t make it a fake currency. Many academics prefer to call it a pseudo-anonymous currency as it doesn’t require people to share their personal information. All one needs to use and exchange Bitcoin online is the Bitcoin wallet ID. This ID can be used from any part of the world and all transactions are made online. Many people prefer this crypto currency because it doesn’t need the sharing of personal information.

You are free to make all kinds of purchases and invest in ventures online with Bitcoin. This is why although it’s a decentralized currency it can be effectively put to use online.


Just like all other investments, this one too has an unpredictable and unstable nature. With standard currencies, unpredictability and instability is also an issue and this digital currency is no different. So, one has to be mindful about investing in this currency and aware of its unstable nature. The curves on this and its valuation have been bumpy just as it has with any other type of investment. The unpredictability brings with itself a potential risk; hence it would be advisable to not put forward huge resources in this without having an online goal of making purchases.

Learn to Buy and Sell

To fully assess in-depth the various aspects of Bitcoin it is essential to learn about the nuts and bolts of the process of buying and selling it. It is best to start small and take the safe route of buying Bitcoins. There are multiple types of programs and schemes to even earn free bitcoins. You can learn more about this on Bitcoin champion. Multiple platforms offer virtual programs to train amateurs that could assist you to learn more about every creek and corner of this process. Look for programs that come with more leverages and platforms well equipped to tolerate other types of crypto currencies as well. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that since governments do not have any hold on this currency the susceptibility of frauds are also on the rise hence you must protect your Bitcoin assets from cyber attacks, which these learning platforms offer to all amateurs.

Do not leave your money in exchanges

With the rise in popularity, demand and valuation of Bitcoin the risks of getting your account hacked even after having solid passwords and security is quite high. With the most prominent and growing technology put to use for this currency, it has taken the security risks to a different level. It is best to make purchases instead of leaving a lot of Bitcoin sitting in your wallet for a long period.

These are some of the most basics that would prepare you to learn more about this highly valued crypto currency in the world. Before investing ensure that you have a clear and concise idea about all the aforementioned aspects and learn more about the current market valuation and external influences that can predict the future of this crypto currency.

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