Things to know before purchasing shapewear

Getting a sexy figure for any dress worn is achievable by choosing suitable shapewear. Previously, people were under the myth that shapewear negatively impacts the body. However, things have changed with time, and more and more women have adopted shapewear in their daily lives. You can wear shapewear for your everyday dresses and special events. There is a wide range of shapewear options available in the market.

Choosing the best shapewear can amazingly enhance your curves and make you look good in any dress. Hence, to get the best look, you should wear shapewear as per your body type and style.

A few things to consider before buying shapewear are:

Choosing the right size

A common mistake that women make when purchasing shapewear is buying a smaller size. Well, small size will not enhance your curves but make the bulges come out. Always choose the right size best shapewear for tummy and waist to get a snug fit and hide your belly bulge. Compare your size with the size chart to order the appropriate size. Different brands may have different sizes; hence matching the measurement is important.

Find the degree of control

Different shapewear provides a different degree of control. Light compression garments offer minimal slimming and are recommended for daily use. Medium compression garments are firmer and suitable for outings and dates. High-compression garments reduce your size drastically and are worn for a few hours for special occasions.

Shapewear should match the outfit

It is suggested to test the shapewear with the dress. It will give you an idea of how you will look at the party. Obviously, you don’t want your shapewear to peek out of the dress or make it look unflattering. So, if you plan to wear a cocktail dress, gown, then you should go for a bodysuit to get the best look.

Select the right fabric

When considering the fabric, you should always focus on the fabric material. The fabric material should match your outfit material. For instance, hosiery shapewear may stick to your cotton dress.

Choose the right shapewear variety

There are too many options of shapewear available in the market to select from, depending on your body type and outfit. You can go for thigh slimmer to slim your waist, thigh, and butt. You can choose a waist trainer or waist trainer vest to slim your stomach, back, and waist. Choose a high-waist panty to tighten your abdomen, buttocks, and waist. A full bodysuit will provide an overall smoothing look. Mid-thigh shapers will make your butt, hip, thighs, and abdomen look sleek.

Choose the right color

When buying shapewear, do not choose white rather, go with beige or black. These colors go well with white dresses too.

Create your shapewear wardrobe

Buying one or two shapewear isn’t sufficient if you want to incorporate it in your daily life, with all types of dresses. Gradually buy different styles, types, and colors of shapewear for daily and special occasions, targeting different body parts. It will help you build a shapewear wardrobe and have other choices for different outfits.

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