The seasonal shift comes every year. You need to prepare several things for this shift. Some obvious things to top your list are – your wardrobe and skincare routine. But most of you don’t pay attention to swapping your summer scent with the winter one. And weather plays a vital role here. Whether you are in love with applying Prada perfume candy, or Kalvin Clein, you should remember a few things before going for any fragrance to apply each season.

And here we have come up with the important things that you should keep in mind to select the best winter fragrance. Let us get started.

Apply Moisture – Many people are of the notion that their scent becomes less noticeable in cold weather. They are right to a large extent. Experts say that moisture level in the air in the winter drops sharply. And the artificial heater/heat you use inside also sucks up the moisture from the air. That is why your skin becomes dry. Scents don’t stick on the dry skin. To beat this problem, keep your skin moisturized. Apply moisturizer to the whole body after coming out of the shower. Moisturizer will cover the spaces between your skin cells. Ensure to moisture the pulse points where you will be spraying your perfume.

Eau De Parfum – Do you know the differentiation between eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and Eau de parfum? Let us tell you that the latter has a higher concentration of perfume oil. This way, it lasts longer on the skin, and it is the best choice for the winter season. So, pick up an eau de parfum to ease this chilliest winter. Save the softer scents for the hot season or spring season, as you don’t have to do much in that season to keep your skin hydrated. So, moisture holds those delicate fragrances for longer hours.

Base Notes – There are three notes in perfume, namely top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The first one to fade is the top note, and the scents which stay for a long time come under base notes. You should opt for the perfume with strong base notes in the winter. Woody and musky categories are the more prominent ones in the case of strong base notes. Examples of woody fragrances are – warm vanilla, bergamot, sandalwood, to name a few.

Note: If you find it difficult to choose a perfume, focus on your reaction to different scents. Once you figure out the scents you prefer, you can start making your fragrance list and the notes that appeal to you.

Wrapping Up!

It is not difficult to choose the right cold-weather scent. You just have to put in a little effort to spread fragrance all around you. Keep in mind to pay attention to other details as well. These details are – where are you spraying your perfume, which technique you use, and most importantly, how you store the bottle of your captivating asset – a perfume. Enjoy great discounts on perfumes due to BLACK FRIDAY SALES on different perfume stores.

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