Three items you can purchase from a catholic shop to wear to Catholic mass

For catholic men and women, there are many different ways to use beautiful pieces of jewelry to show your faith and your devotion to your religion and Jesus.

One such way is to wear a special necklace around your neck. Necklaces are a perfect way to show your faith to the world when you are with family, when you are out and about, and when you are heading to Catholic mass to celebrate your religion and your beliefs.

But what are the most popular kinds of Catholic necklaces that a person can purchase from a nearby or online Catholic shop like House of Joppa?

Well, then you have come to the right place to find out! Let’s get started.

The miraculous medal

One of the most historic and powerful images that any Catholic man or woman can adorn is that of the Miraculous Medal. Designed by the Blessed Mother Herself and conveyed to Saint Catherine Laboure in 1830, this image has since become a powerful identifier for Catholic believers all over the world.

Two years later, in 1832, the necklace was produced and shared widely and has remained a mainstay since then.

The crucifix

This is – without a doubt- the most recognizable image of not just the Catholic faith, but of any faith that follows the teachings of Christ. For that reason, the hundred of different forms in which the crucifix can take are a powerful image to affix to a necklace.

Crucifix necklaces can be made of metals, stone, wood, and even precious gems. It can also be just the crucifix or the crucifix with the body of Christ still on it. No matter how you choose to wear it, there is no doubt that a crucifix necklace will signify to anyone you come across that you take your faith and the teachings that Christ has given us very seriously.

The four-way necklace

This is perhaps a less commonly seen necklace that Catholic men and women wear, but that does not mean that its history is no less fascinating. The four-way cross was first popularized over 500 years ago, in the 16th century. The five images on the cross include the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Joseph, St. Christopher, the Miraculous Medal, and the Dove (the Holy Spirit).

When combined on one necklace, it allows Catholic believers to always carry with them four of the most important aspects of their religion and their belief.


There are many different ways for Catholic men and women to show their belief and their devotion to the Lord. Necklaces are – of course- just one way. However, if you are looking to add to your religious jewelry collection, then one of these four fantastic options is surely something to consider.

That way, you will be able to always carry the love of the Lord and his many crucial teachings with you whenever you are at mass, out in the world, and more!

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