Bitcoin vs Dogecoin

If you want to benefit from cryptocurrency price fluctuations, it is the right time to do so. However, now, investing in the most popular projects is costly. The Bitcoin price has surged, Ethereum is also far from being cheap. However, new coins are on the rise, and some of them are not less promising than the famous Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and similar.

Hedera Hashgraph – What Is It and Its Perspectives

Hedera Hashgraph is one of the most promising projects out there. That’s why knowing HBAR coin price prediction is important if you consider something fresh to invest into. We understand that the web is full of controversial information, and some data look rather absurd than more or less worth trusting. That’s why we have selected the most viable highlights for you to get acquainted with and decide whether HBAR can be your next investment choice or not.

Hedera Hashgraph is known for being a public network. It enables users and developers to create dApps. Along with it, the network supports smart contracts and enables fast and cheap transactions. 

The blockchain technology applied by the project is aimed at eliminating the issues all the older blockchain systems started to face:

  • Slow performance
  • High fees
  • Low scalability level.

The HBAR ICO took place in 2018, the coin was sold at the value of 0.12$ during the initial coin offering. The total supply of the HBAR tokens is limited to 50 billion which is immense indeed. It means that at the moment, it is difficult to believe that the HBAR price is going to surge. It can happen only with the project expansion and its mass adoption. Hedera Hashgraph has everything to be adopted massively and to grow its impact in the cryptocurrency world. 

Initially, the coin did not perform as expected though. Its price dropped to 0.07 and didn’t grow above this value until the end of 2020. Only in January 2021, it started moving up and crossed the level of 0.10 $. Further, the growth continued until September 2021 when it reached its all-time high of 0.4089$. 

Since then, the coin value has been fluctuating. At the moment of writing, 1 HBAR is traded at 0.209 USD and is expected to grow in both long- and short-term. 

Therefore, investing in cryptocurrency is a good option. You can benefit from short-term price fluctuations, like in the case of any crypto coin, and in the long term, it is pretty promising because the project has perspectives in the long run.

Tron Thunder Token

Another option we recommend to pay attention to is the Tron Thunder token. Tron Thunder is the native token of ThunderCore, a high performance blockchain which is also EVM-compatible. The network is able to process more than 4,000 transactions per second and the fees within the network are very low.

ThunderCore bridge enables fast and efficient cross-chain swaps. 

The coin value has been growing constantly even though the increase speed is very slow. It might be determined by the number of coins – the maximum supply is 10 bln tokens which is a lot. However, the project is very promising. It is one of those hidden gems that can explode once people understand their full potential. For now, it is a good option to invest into, especially if you consider a long-term investment that is expected to make you rich. The Tron Thunder token price is expected to grow. 

Therefore, if you are going to check out one of the crypto gems instead of those well-known projects that have been ruling the cryptocurrency world for ages, HBAR and Tron Thunder are the choices to consider.

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