Tiling Secrets You Didn’t Know About!

Do you want your home to look more classy and elegant?

-I bet you do!!

Then this article is just the “Golden Goose” which you have been searching for!!

Let me tell you a secret!!

The way you tile your floor has a significant impact on your home. Tiling not only reflects the beauty of your home but also states the taste of your choice.

This is the reason why celebrities are so concerned about their tiling options. They hire well-renowned interior designers just to guide them with the right tiling option for their heaven.

As they know, there’s a resounding “love affection” between tiles and the interior designers.

So, do you want your ordinary home to look like heaven?

You have come across an excellent article as it’s going to provide you with all the tiling secrets you might have never known.

Therefore, read till the end to all the fascinating and exciting secrets!!!

The Ultimate Secrets of Tiling Your Floors

You want to give that elegant look to your floors; then you need to put all of your concentration here!!

Choosing the suitable tiles for your home can be a challenge, but now, with this article’s help, even you can give your tiles those elegant looks.

All you have to do is read till the end and extract all the information so that you never face a problem from now on!!

#1 Ways to Identify Cheap Quality Tiles

Yes, it’s true tiles can be of cheap quality. They might seem all the same, but there are variations within the tiles.

Whenever you are going to grab your tiles, always check for the following:

  • Color: When you have chosen the tiles for your floor, the next thing you will do is check the color of the tiles. You can do this by pulling out a few of the random tiles from each of the boxes.

By this, you can see and compare whether or not the tiles are of good quality because suitable quality tiles will always have the same color and designs (unless you go for different patterns or structures).

  • Size: Good quality tiles will always have the exact dimensions for each slab of tiles. There are many cases where you might end up getting randomly sized tiles, which means the quality of these tiles is inferior.

In order to avoid such issues, you can simply pull out tiles from several boxes and stack them together. If you see they are all aligned, that means they are identical and are of good quality.

  • Printing: This can be a severe issue for many homeowners. Nowadays, you can find such tiles that are color printed rather than being actual stone.

Therefore, while checking your tiles, have a closer look and see whether you can observe small dots. If so, then these are printed and are not genuine stones.

  • Thickness: Always check the thickness of your tiles before you go through the installation process

#2 Choose The Right Tiles For The Right Purpose

Just because you love the looks of a tile, don’t go on buying them. Instead, think and visualize if they can fit the purpose of the installation.

For instance, if you are going to install tiles for your floor, you must know what sort of tiles are suitable for the feet, as these need to be solid and durable because there’s going to be a lot of pressure and traffic.

You can check the strength by PEI rating. All the tiles have a PEI number displayed on them.

If you don’t see a notation, no need to worry; simply ask the salesperson to check the PEI number with the manufacturer, and through this, you’ll be able to know the strength of the tiles.

#3 Porcelain And Ceramic: The Difference

Yes, there’s always been confusion among people regarding these two tiles. Both might seem similar, but there are differences.

Porcelain tiles are far more robust than ceramic tiles. Even these tiles don’t absorb that much moisture.

Porcelain tiles can absorb less water compared to ceramic tiles. This is one of the prime reasons why porcelain tiles are used in bathrooms.

On the other hand, ceramic tiles absorb moisture, which can eventually destroy these tiles’ beauty. Hence, you can use ceramic tiles on your bedroom or living room floors.

#4 Always Keep Backup Tiles

When you are tiling your floors, there are always chances that some of your tiles might always get wasted or destroyed.

Therefore, always keep some extra tiles so that you can always back things up whenever there’s a necessity. Moreover, if you have these extra tiles in your arsenal, there’s always a chance that it might come hand in somewhere else.

Always remember to keep at least 20% extra tiles for the installation process.

#5 Always Use A Good Quality Tile Cutter

The better tools you have, the more smoothly your installation process will proceed.

If you want to give that elegant look to your tiles, you must have high-quality tools in your hands.

Now you might be thinking that it’s going to cost you a lot for all these tools. The solution is simple. Just go for renting!! Or even you can ask or borrow from your neighbors or friends if they have any.

You simply can’t expect to go on a battlefield with no quality weapons!!!

#6 Don’t Waste Time

I’ll always recommend you to have a helping hand if you are doing the tile installation independently. You are on the clock the moment you mix the grout. In short, you can say it’s a race against time!!

If you have someone who can lend you a hand, you can assign him or her to clean off the dirt from your tiles or even ask them to mix the mortar for you.

You must maintain your time here so that your work becomes easy and smooth.

I hope this article will help you know all the secret tips you might not have known before. So happy tiling!!!

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