Timeless Watches to Transform Your Time

With the spirit and the essence of the holiday season in the air, with its chilly hands knocking at our doors, it is quite challenging to keep your head on what present to give. There are plenty of things to give someone you adore, whether a friend, wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend as gifts. Watches are the kind of things that you can always rely on.

When you have a budget to pull out a present that will make the eyes of that person water in wonder and amazement, then here are some luxurious watches that will make you gagged not just because of their prices but also their exquisite quality design. These are some watches that will puncture anyone’s heart with happiness and delight.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram White 39

This iconic watch is a masterpiece that will enchant every person’s eyes when they see it. The Louis Vuitton Watch prides itself with its thin and white design that looks immaculate from the close look and from afar together with the monogram flowers in light gives it a simplistic yet elegant feel to the watch.  This watch is perfect to match an everyday look.

The thing about the Tambour Monogram White 39 is that it is unisex, so whatever gender, whether you are gay, straight, bisexual, or transgender, this watch will look stunning on your wrist. Tambour Monogram White 39 is adorned with polished stainless steel and a satin bezel. You are also blessed, as it is also water-resistant for 50 meters.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Diamond Stainless Watch

For watches, Tag Heuer is a watch to beat, so there is no wonder why it is here. One thing that makes Tag Heuer stand out is in their design and the features. This Tag Heuer Aquaracer Diamond Stainless Watch is not your typical watch as it is beautiful. You will be amazed by its price range with only $2,000 up to $2,500.

When talking about Tag Heuer, the first thing that will bombard your mind is the idea that it would be pricey. Sometimes, it would be, but with this watch, that sounds so wrong. Considering its stainless steel casing, with diamonds, that is uniquely designed and its remarkable color scheme, I mean, what could be more perplexing than that!

Zenith Elite Moonphase

And for those people who lean to the more classic styling in timepieces, then this Elite Moonphase would be the one to check. Zenith is not just known for its automatic chronograph watches, but the thing about them is that they slay in thin profile movements.

Mind you, that a thinner movement equals a more delicate watch, which means the watch should be lighter and more comfortable to wear. It has a 40.5mm dial that is perfect for those with smaller wrists, but what makes it a work of art is its 18-carat gold or rose gold case—making this an ideal gift for special celebrations like an anniversary, birthday, and promotion.

Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre Quantieme Lunaire Rose Gold Watch

This next one on the list is one of the best Jaeger LeCoultre Watches ever made. Yes, you heard that right, and the watch I am talking about is the Duometre Quantieme Lunaire Manual-winding Silver Dial Rose Gold Men’s Watch. Well, its price range is just $500,000 up to $550,000, so there’s that.

Well, that kind of tag will burn a hole in your pockets and scratch your credit cards, but mind that buying this watch is the best decision you ever made. The Rose Gold / Pink Gold material, which is a JLC 381 caliber movement, is an art itself. And the reserve power of up to 50 hours and which is enough to cope up with your day-to-day lives, is a cherry on top.

Those kinds of things are admirable and astounding, but that was nothing because this watch has 40 jewels embedded in it, making it one of a kind.

Longines Lyre Two-Tone Watch

Last but not least is the Longines Lyre two-tone watch. With a price range of just about $700 up to $1,000, you can lay your hand on one of the most sophisticated timepieces in the market today and indulge in its beauty.


It is always the thought that counts. Presents do not always have to be opulent in order to be the best gift to your loved ones. Still, it is always the idea that encapsulates the wonders and marvel of what the present is about. In these trying times, it does not matter if you have an expensive gift. Your presence also counts.

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