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If you have thought about betting on football now is the time we are going to take you through some key tips if this is your first time betting on football or if you just need a little bit of a refresh. So first of all we will see what is a point spread, what is a money line, what is an over/under, and what is a prop bet you often see. 

So let’s start things off with one of the simpler items which are as under.

What is a Point Spread?  

For starters it indicates the game’s favorite. Not every team is equal. There is one team that everyone views early supposed to view as the better team and it actually ends up evening out the money bet per team because winning the bet is not about winning the game. It is all about covering the spread so let’s take a look here at the current point spread for a week one of the NFL regular season the Falcons and the Eagles. 

If you bet on the Eagles, you are not betting แทงบอลออนไลน์ on them just to win you are betting on them to win by three or more points. if the final score is 2824 and you pick the Eagles. You have won your bet they are the Falcons meanwhile you are not just betting on them to pull the upset you are betting on them to cover the spread.

So if it’s a twenty-seven twenty-six game you won your bet there. Vegas typically gives the home team a three or a three-and-a-half-point favorite so on a neutral site game the Falcons and eagles would be rather even opponents. 

What is a Money Line? 

This bets more on the straight-up winner rather than the point spread. It determines the risk versus the return. There are still favorites and underdogs in this one but they just only impact the money line not the point spread. The underdog features a positive money line. The favorite gets a negative money line and the other underdog winners pay more because they are the underdog so using that same example there are Falcons Verse Eagles the Falcons are plus 130 to win this game.

So if you risk $10 and the Falcons do win you get 13 back on your bet plus you get the money back that you risk that’s called the payout. If you bet on the Eagles win there minus 150 so if you put down that same $10 bet, you only win 667 a good way to figure out the money line. Since it’s negative just get rid of that zero. If you bet 15 that’s how you end up winning at ten so money line is a bit different than point-spread but they are both used for the most part to bet on individual games.

While this is not always the case it usually refers to total points scored and money line once again is used for payout. Now the money line can move up and down kind of like what you saw with the eagles. Falcons won they were a little bit different.


The Vegas tends to not want to have an over/under. Be 44 points and then for the final scores to go ahead and be 24 to 20 over/under are also used for prop bets which we will get here and again risk to win like we saw earlier is the easy explanation.


Let’s take an example here of an over/under with the outcome Patriots Panthers in the preseason. The combined over/under was forty-four and a half the total combined points and that one did not reach that totaling up and only for the night. 

If you bet the under congratulations you won on that game. If you bet the over you came up just short so again over/under is for the total points scored but that’s not the only use it has. It is also typically used for prop bets.

What is a Prop Bet?

Prop bets are a bet about a specific outcome in the game. For instance, you think Odell Beckham Jr will score touchdown in the game. You can bet that at -140 which means you would have to bet $140 and if Odell Beckham scores a touchdown, you win $100.

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