Tips and Tricks for Traveling Outside of the US

Prepare your mode of transport

If you’re planning on traveling outside the US, one important thing to remember is to get an international driving permit. This permit allows you to drive legally in many countries and can be obtained relatively easily.

Once your application is processed, you’ll receive your IDP. There ara lot of trusted international driving permit agencies you can apply for & get this from. It’s important to note that an international driving permit is not a substitute for a regular driver’s license – you’ll still need to carry your license while driving. However, having an international driving permit can make it easier for authorities to identify and confirm that you’re allowed to drive in a foreign country.

Travel is a great way to learn, and satisfy the wish to see the unseen. Throughout your travels you’ll learn many amusing facts and issues. Mostly people travel to spend their leisure hours. Whatever the purpose is, sometimes they face problems during their departure and returning home. In this article I have gathered some easy tips to follow for the travellers willing to travel abroad. It will help them to have a safe journey on the both ways of their trip.

Make enjoyable and authentic travel plan

Before embarking on your Amazon journey, decide exactly where you want to go. The place may vary according to your interest. If you are interested in the beauties of Mother Nature, you must go for the beautiful beaches or islands full of coconuts. Don’t forget about the seasons and travelling time of the year. A general rule is that you should avoid the peak seasons due to crowds at the place. Crowds may upset you in many ways while enjoying the natural beauties of the place.

Must decide return plan

It’s always good to have a plan for your safe return. You may set out on your adventure without any hassles, but it may cause problems when you return home. Make some time to schedule your safe return home. This will help you to relax and enjoy your trip in a calm mood.

Have extra and updated copies of passport & important documents

Get your passport and other relevant travel documents updated. Make sure your passport is valid and has plenty of pages. You should also get a visa for any country you will be visiting on your trip. As mentioned by iVisa, if you’re visiting Malaysia for example, you need to keep a copy of your documents with you at all times and you should also scan them for legibility. Keep a copy of these documents somewhere safe. You may need them if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are unable to present your ID cards to border guards or police officers.

Take an extra local bank card and credit card with you

Currency exchange is very important when you are travelling. It can cost you several problems like having to pay restaurant bills with strange money or not being able to make your hotel / motel / hostel reservations because you don’t have enough local currency.

Get travel insurance

To insure against all types of mishaps, you may want to consider purchasing both health and travel insurance before you leave home. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be covered if something unexpected happens.

Always take care of your children while travelling

The most vulnerable section of the society are children. They have less stamina than us adults, and thus are more prone to danger. Make sure they are safe at all times, and never let them go anywhere alone. Always keep in touch with them, and never send them to any place where they might get into trouble.

Have driving license with you

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is specially issued for the drivers. It is the UN approved international license for the greater benefit of those drivers around the world. Use it to drive carefully and safely within your own country, and when you are travelling abroad. Look for an IDP before you hit the road.

Keep a calendar with you

You must make a calendar during your trip, with all the important events written on it. This will help you to remember where you’ve been and who you’ve met. In case something unexpected happens, this will be an extra hand to help you to get back home safely.

But keep your guard up

You should take safety measures when travelling to an unknown place. Your outfits, valuables or baggage may turn you the target of the thieves. So, put on simple attire after the local custom, and travel lightly. Avoid carrying a huge wad of money with you as it can attract attention. Instead use traveller’s cheese and/or credit cards to make payments. And use your common sense to minimize your exposure to any risks you may be faced with.

Know-how of travelling routes & signs

When you travel, it’s important to know the local roads and alleys, to use identified taxi services, to use public transportation whenever possible, and to drive safely. A luxury car, an exotic sports car or a comfortable sedan would be my first choice as a means of transportation.

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