The real estate market may not seem to have many secrets at first. You look for a house, buy and move. If we want to sell, it’s even easier. We placed an ad, showed the house to interested parties, accepted the proposal and sold it. Deal done, ready, finite.

Know that the idea exposed above is not the right one. As is common knowledge, the real estate market can turn into a big problem and a big mess. Everyone, as property owners, is part of the real estate business. Even if we do not intend to buy or sell, as owners, we are part of this business. And do you know why? Because it’s up to you, as the owner of your property, to ensure that your home never depreciates. That the money you gave (or still gives, in case you are paying a loan) for it is no more than the value the house actually has. If you bought a house for a certain amount of value, it has to have a tendency to appreciate, and it’s up to you to help with that and be worried if inflation or deficit devalues ​​your investment.

If as an owner with no intention of moving the concern should be any, if you are going to sell your house the concern and the appreciation plan should be even greater.

If you are intending to sell your home, we will help you with some tricks and tips:

Take a good look at your house and see it as if you’ve never seen it. Start pointing out defects and qualities in the house. Be realistic and don’t think you live in a castle. If you are selling your own home (without the help of a real estate agent), you may run into trouble. In the end you may be forced to sell at a lower price than the market price. In a difficult situation like this, you need a flat fee realtor. Flat fee realtors can bridge the high costs of a real estate agent and the immediate needs of a property owner. Basically they can give measurable advice, like a real estate agent, without charging a hefty fee. They charge a fixed “promotional fee” for certain listings.

Make changes.and breathe new life into your home

Always keep the house clean and tidy. Leave the house airing so that the air circulates and smells of tobacco or food disappear. If the building is not in the best condition, check with the condominium if there is any intention to repair the building. A painting makes a big difference. If the intention is positive, but it’s just that, share this information with a buyer.

New paint will also help and if possible, replace kitchen furniture if it is in poor condition. Keep the building stairs clean. The impression will always have to be the best. When visits are made to the house, do not try to impose yourself. Value what is yours, without being ridiculous for wanting to value what we all already know is bad. Talk well about the neighborhood and the silence in the street at night. The proximity of transport or easy parking. Value sensibly. You will more easily convince someone that way than being desperate. Good luck and thank you for reading!

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