Tips For Beginner Jet Ski Riders

Jet Skiing is a very interesting water sport to learn. If you are thinking of taking jet-skiing lessons and want some beginner tips, then you are at the right place. There are many things that you should know about jet skiing before you start using it. There are a lot of risks involved that you might be unaware of. The riders are advised to take several precautionary measures. 

Once you finish reading this article, you will be ready to start your jet skiing journey. These tips not only talk about safety guidelines but also include some skills that you should learn to become a professional jet ski rider. 

If you think that riding a jet ski is very risky, then there is nothing to worry about. We have brought you some tips which will stop you from making mistakes during the learning process. These are the Tips For Beginner Jet Ski Riders.

  • Have Knowledge About the Jet Ski

There are different types of jet skis available in the market. You must experience the ride of different jet ski Brands with their advanced features. Yes, it’s true that riding a jet ski can be exciting and fun. Hence knowing the machine which you are going to ride is extremely important. 

This applies not just to jet skis but to almost every vehicle that you wish to ride. Know where the emergency shutoff is present and how to connect the shutoff lanyard to yourself. 

Try holding the handle once and establish a firm grip. You should know the throttle and maximum speed of the jet ski. Ask the instructor about the braking system and where it is present. 

Make sure you check the fuel values and have sufficient supplies. Also, ask your instructor to show you the skiing license and rental permits. 

These documents are extremely important for any ski rider. If the ski has additional features, then make sure you know how to use them. This will not only increase your knowledge about your jet ski but also will elevate your riding experience. Knowing all these details about your ride will make you more confident and comfortable during the learning process.

  • Take Safety and Precautionary Measures

This is one of the most important things to follow before jet skiing. Riding in the waters can be dangerous and is subject to several risks. Make sure you have enough knowledge about safety guidelines and water riding rules. 

Wear a proper life-vest and helmet during the initial learning lessons. Over speeding while learning is very exciting but is not recommended for beginners. When you are taking initial beginner lessons avoid entering waters that are more than 16 feet deep. 

Stay close to the coast and avoid entering unknown regions. Wear the necessary water gear and have all the equipment. Carry a whistle, hand gloves, and jet ski glasses. 

  • Body Language During Riding

This is where many people make mistakes. The right body posture and way of sitting will help you learn faster and avoid any injuries. Make sure you wear hand gloves. Using the throttle for long might cause painful blisters or scar lines on your hand. 

The common mistake is to look at nearby water or handlebar while riding. This makes it harder for the rider to maintain balance. Looking far away is the key and will help you control the jet ski. The grip on the handle should not be too tight.

Keep it a little loose yet confident. Make sure you lean forward while riding. This will avoid shoulder and back pain in the future. Another important thing is that you should know how to turn away from distant objects. First of all, do not panic and do not leave the throttle. Jet skis cannot be redirected in any direction if you give up on the throttle. Hence continue the throttle, keep up with the speed, and move the handle away from the direction of object collision. 

  • Start Riding Wakes

Probably the most thrilling and exciting part about jet skiing is the ability to ride wakes. Riding wakes can be difficult and even professionals sometimes fail while doing that. 

Once you establish control over the jet ski try doing this. If you have excess speed the jet ski will cut through the wave. So, a lot of practice and patience is required to learn this skill. Cross the waves at a 90-degree angle and try to jump them. 


We hope this article was helpful for you. Save it for future reference. These tips will definitely be helpful while you take your jet ski lessons. Make sure you take all the safety accessories and have a safe jet ski experience.  

Follow these tips and become a professional. These were the Tips For Beginner Jet Ski Riders. Do visit our website for similar articles.

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