The versatile and super-affordable nature of shirts makes it list at the top of the clothing essentials in every man’s wardrobe. The simplicity of the shirts paves their way to every man’s closet. Despite the latest trends in men’s clothing, nothing can beat the simplicity of shirts for men. A man wearing a curved collar shirt will transform from a casual to an attention-grabbing look. The rules for wearing shirts are quite simple, and there are no hard and fast rules to obey in terms of wearing shirts.

Also to mention not just full shirts but half-sleeved shirts are also an absolute addition to everyone’s closet. Whilst full-sleeved shirts are amazing in their ways; half shirts have their own advantages to boast. They are a one-stop solution for the summer season and can make you look stunning.

There exist various ways in which you can style shirts and have a different look each day. Let’s dive straight into the matter and have a close look at the different ideas to style your shirts in 2021.

Style factor

Though picking on shirts for men may seem quite simple, selecting the correct one is a game-changer. Your personal style will always be a dominant characteristic determinant in choosing shirts. Whether you are looking for comfort or the latest trends, your style is going to help you decide your pick. And, if you feel confused at any point, make sure that you try them out before making a purchase.

Body Type

If you are looking for shirts for men, keep in mind your body type. Fashion is not fixed for all, and thus, you cannot randomly select any shirt in the store. Anything that suits your friend may not essentially suit you at its best.  So, instead of playing the comparison game and picking something similar to what your friend has, purchase something that fits you naturally.

Check out the Fabric 

There can inevitably be certain fabrics that you would want to stay away from. Fabrics can make or break your purchase. Also, keeping in mind the season for which you are buying the shirts, make sure that you make a decision wisely.

Preferred Color 

Mostly while purchasing shirts, people love buying plain shades and neutrals. But you can always experiment with new shades or can simply pick your favorite color. Choose a color that makes you look bright and vibrant besides reflecting your personality.

Styling tips for shirts

These aspects of choosing the shirts are highly effective and help you to get the best. But there are varied styling ideas that can help you recreate the look of your shirts. Want to know how? Now let’s have a look at the different styling ideas for shirts for different occasions.

Casual Comfort 

Layering is the fun part of styling any outfit that makes them look more fashionable. For this, you can choose one of the Best t-shirts for men lying in your closet and a shirt to work out the hack. Next, wear the t-shirt as the inner layer keeping it in a matching quotient with your pants, and wear a shirt on top of it. Make sure that the shirt you wear is of a contrasting shade. For the completion of the look, wear sneakers and baggy trousers.

Cool Classic 

A pair of jeans makes everything look much more fashionable and better. The classic denim for men is a perfect pair with shirts. Style the stressed denim with a shirt and add a classy watch and a pair of sunglasses to enhance the look.


We can never get over denim, and dark-washed denim is the ultimate hero in this game of fashion. With the right pair of shirts, the dark-washed denim looks more trendy. Consider pairing pastel shirts with dark denim and amp it up white sneakers to give a contrasted look. Also, to mention, stripes and low waist jeans never go out of fashion. Hence, you always have the option of coupling shirts with them. Further, adding a leather belt with it complete the overall look.


Giving the printed joggers a chance won’t ever disappoint you. Wear them with a full shirt of a neutral color. You can even try out camouflaged or pinstripes, and you are perfect for an outing night. For long trips, put on joggers along with a full shirt, and you are all ready for the trip.


Before purchasing shirts, keeping the necessary aspects in mind will help you get the right shirt collection in your wardrobe. Also, styling them right will make you walk out in style. So what are you waiting for? Reading out the aspects to consider while buying shirts for men and traversing the styling tips, we are pretty sure that you won’t compromise on your style quotient.

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