Tips for Getting started with Chastity Weight Loss

Undoubtedly men are happier in chastity, and why they shouldn’t be? Male chastity has many lifestyle benefits. He will be obedient, submissive, and do all the chores his keyholder asks him to do. It allows helps in self-improvement.

But what is so special about male chastity that it encourages men to improve themselves. Once a man is least focused on his orgasms and arousals, he can turn his mind to other things. Experts say that chastity makes men more focused, productive and allows them to focus on their tasks for a longer period. The good news is, their satisfaction after completing the task is higher because now they are not thinking only about their satisfaction, resulting in self-improvement.

The most common reason why men chastity is because it aims towards weight loss. But why do men choose chastity weight loss? One of the best ways a slave can serve his partner is by being physically and sexually attracted to him or her. People will find their chastity more appealing if he has a fit body and is slim.

Here I have discussed some helpful tips for male chastity weight loss.

Getting started with chastity weight loss

Before we get started with some tips for your weight loss journey, you need to have consent and an agreement. Although a male chastity relationship is all about dominant and submissive roles, both partners are still essential to agree before making such a decision. You can do Many Kms to Walk Daily for Weight Loss.

Top 3 tips for effectively following chastity weight loss

Create and follow realistic goals

When you are setting male chastity weight loss goals, you need to create realistic goals. Your partner might want to set unrealistic goals so that she can punish you if you fail. This will make the male slave disheartened and will not want to continue the weight loss journey.

Once you have set a goal, you need to break it down into parts and achievable goals. You can start with small goals like one pound and gradually increase your goals. You need to track your progress. It helps to make sure that you are going on the right path.

Rewards and Punishments

The system of rewards and punishment is why male chastity can be very effective for men who want to lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from weight loss, another important decision your keyholder needs to make is that if they will use your chastity lockup as a reward or punishment, or will you stay locked up all the time? Choosing which system you and your partner want to follow is an important decision.

If you and your partner are choosing full lockup during the male chastity weight-loss period, you cannot reward or punish your partner. People usually choose male chastity with rewards and punishment systems.

Lose or build

Some partners want their slaves to be committed to improving their physical fitness. After all, in the end, a well-toned body is something that attracts the keyholder. Adding exercise to your weight loss routine can be safe and effective at the same time. You also need to keep your goals realistic. You can add 30-45 minutes of gym sessions 4-5 times per week. Do not forget to add cardio, yoga, and muscle building to your routine.

Take away

Male chastity is more than just a shared sexual lifestyle. It is a proven way to bring couples together. It is also a fantastic experience for both partners, mainly the male chastity, who use the powerful tools of orgasm control and denial to improve themselves and their lifestyle. Social Maximizers is one of the best places on the internet, where you can find all the information you need. From health to technology, they have got everything covered for you.

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