When we are young, we take our good health & vitality for granted and despite lots of scrapes, cuts and bruises, we somehow manage to make it to adulthood. As we age, we develop a level of wisdom that usually steers us in the right direction and as we move into our retirement years, this should be the golden period when we can finally do the things we want, without being tied to chasing the dollar.

Here are a few tips to help you handle your senior years and stay healthy and positive.

  • Find a passion in your life – Time is precious and there are no rewinds with life; if you have yet to find an activity that hits your hot button, experiment with various sports and hobbies until you find something that fills you with joy. Some people feel useless when they retire, mainly because they have nothing to do, don’t fall into that trap.
  • Peace of mind – This is very important and if you have yet to arrange health insurance, the best deals can be found at https://www.aetna.co.th/ ,a leading Thai insurance broker with a great reputation in the industry. It matters to have a level of financial security and hopefully, your private pension sees to that. If there are things bothering you, do what it takes to sort them out, as it is important to have no stress in your life.
  • Daily exercise – The human body is designed for action and long periods of physical inactivity can lead to health issues. You should set yourself a morning and evening exercise session of around 30minutes each, which should include stretching exercises; yoga is an excellent pastime for seniors, which incorporates meditation and mindfulness and this is very beneficial in many ways. Click here for information about CBDA.
  • Dietary needs – You should have a balanced diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables, plus we recommend you take a daily A-Z supplement tablet, as this ensures your body is not lacking in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Everything in moderation is a good motto for everyone, especially those in their senior years. Make sure you stay hydrated and spend some time in the great outdoors.
  • Keep the mind active – Research tells us that engaging in board games like chess and checkers helps to keep neuron pathways open, thus reducing the risk of dementia. You might prefer the daily crossword, or perhaps visit a website where they have free games and puzzles and engage in the ones you like.
  • Get out and about – The happy retiree is the one with a busy social calendar; playing golf on a Monday, going on a country walk on a Tuesday and then there’s the weekly bowls meeting; if you have friends who are also retired, go visit them and brighten up both your days. You might enjoy fishing, which is a leisurely pastime that many retired people enjoy, or perhaps a game of snooker at the local hall.
  • Put yourself first for a change – We know how hard it can be to think of yourself after a lifetime of being the family provider, but the kids are grown up now, with kids of their own and you should treat yourself to things you never were able to enjoy when you were the family breadwinner. Take your partner on that cruise she has always wanted and why not invest in an RV and travel the country? Many retirees sell the family home, buy a new RV and off they go!
  • Live in the moment – This is a Buddhist philosophy and living in the moment means getting as much enjoyment out of each passing moment. A wise man once pointed out that a lifetime is a series of passing moments that have a start and a finish and none of them can ever be re-experienced. Sure you have worries, but thinking about them isn’t going to change the state of play and when enjoying a pleasant walk or a delicious meal, take everything you can from the experience.

We should all be concerned about our overall health & well-being and as we move into our golden years, we need to invest more in our health.

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