6 Ways to Deliver a Great Shopping experience with E-commerce mobile app

Before you buy, please set up your device. Update the software and install an antivirus program to remove viruses that may collect personal and banking information from the device. Now there are some functions that have hacker blocking functions, such as preventing phishing. Links or websites, such as Vlone Clothing. Avoid shopping on public Wi-Fi networks as they do not provide security guarantees.

Take precautions to prevent others from entering your network. According to the correct data, 90% of Internet users in Spain do not know how to create a security key, and as many as 40% of Internet users have problems recovering their keys. Only 8% of people know their ignorance, and more than half are infected by computer viruses.

These are the precautions that must be taken whenever we buy safely online:

Check who you are buying from. On most pages, we can see this information in the legal section. Please note that the website itself has company information such as address, CIF/NIF, who they are, where is their tax address, etc.

Read the comments. When it comes to platforms like Amazon, there are many external sellers who should read their reviews, especially when we find their reviews this number is very small. Including product photos or various links is a good sign.

Search the Internet securely

Although web indexing is extremely important for item search, auditing, or cost, there is a risk of accidentally touching the “broken” index list, which may lead to the location of malware infection instead of your preferred destination. These corrupted index lists are created by cyber criminals who use website improvement (SEO) techniques (sometimes called black SEO) to manipulate Internet search results and embed malicious links.

Equipment or software modules such as Kaspersky URL Advisor. Third parties such as Web of Trust Vlone. The store can help you Refuse to click on broken links and enter malicious websites.

Compose the URL in the location bar

Instead of clicking a link to enter the selected store site, it is better to store it in the address bar of the Internet browser, which is a safer method. This may require more effort, but this simple operation can help you identify retaliation or wrongdoing.

Get a transitory charge card

Some MasterCard organizations provide customers with short MasterCard numbers. These short codes are useful for one-time purchases. However, you should not use them for purchases that require repeated charges or self-repair.

Assign a PC for web based banking and shopping

To enhance security, you can use jail broken online banking and shopping devices. It should be a “healthy” computer, completely immune to computer infections and various pollutants. In order to stay clean, you should not use your computer to browse the Internet, visit personal organizations, or check e-mail. Log in to Google Chrome using the required HTTPS protocol.

Utilize a committed email address

You may need to create an email address that is only used for the online Vlone Store. Thanks to improvements in various offers or advertisements, this can help reduce the risk of opening spam or potentially malicious messages. If these types of messages are sent from your primary email address, it is likely that they are fake or malicious.

Oversee and secure your passwords on the web

Using a password manager can help you deal with multiple entries and passwords, as well as hard-coded passwords that are displayed as text in one way or another. Some antivirus and Internet security programs come with passphrase guarantees and key points.

Be cautious about utilizing public Wi-Fi associations

Currently, if you want to buy goods in a shopping mall, it is helpful to compare late with the best online prices. Organize via public Wi-Fi. Cybercriminals can collect your information and passwords, credentials and money.To access the Internet when shopping in the city, it is safer to operate through the organization of the mobile phone.

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