Tips for Teachers amidst the shifting environment

Ever since the deadly coronavirus enveloped us, change has become an inevitable part of our systems and environment. This change can be witnessed in our lifestyle, thought processes, working paradigms, everyday activities, and social interactions. The pandemic compelled people around the world to stay locked in their homes for an unknown duration so as to stop the spread of the virus.on A major transformation was seen in the realm of education sector which shifted completely from the offline mode to the online space. Educational apps have become quite popular amongst youngsters as they help them to schedule their learning chart as per their individual requirements and time frame. The new-age teaching methods are the one-stop solution for teachers and students aiding them in streamlining the learning process.

In online teaching apps, teachers give lectures on a digital interface through Internet while students connect with them on the same portal. These applications are so convenient in use that they can be accessed on laptops, desktops, and even mobile phones. The wide variety of interactive tools available on online teaching portals make learning quite enjoyable for the learners. Teachers get access to a plethora of features on learning apps including roster tracking, assignment allotment and collection, interactive quizzes and poles, etc. This reduces the burden on teachers and helps them to focus more on the students.

It is said that change is the law of nature but adapting to those changes can be quite a task. A similar situation appeared when teachers had to move to online live classes app overnight. It was a completely different trend for them to grasp and was also less explored before the pandemic crisis. However, the teaching community came forward, took the challenge to adapt to the new phase, and evolved as winners in this. It was seen that teachers worked tirelessly to understand the online teaching system so as to suit themselves to the changing scenarios for the future of their students. Though they grasped the concept well, here are some important tips that would help teachers to tackle the changing conditions. Have a look:

Tips to Make Online Teaching Effective

1. Form a Digital Home Classroom

Well, setting up a digital home-based classroom can be a go-to solution for teachers as it is very pocket-friendly and convenient to use. There are various platforms available in the market that are designed solely for this purpose. They are created keeping in mind the ease of use for teachers as well as students. The home classroom will work as a unified solution for students as it will solve all their problems at one place.

2. Individual Interactions

In online teaching, the element that is craved for the most is the personal interaction we enjoy in our classrooms and schools with peers and teachers. However, by sparing time for small group interactions, peer discussions, or mere chit-chat sessions with students can help teachers to bridge their gap. There are various tools available on online teaching apps that can help teachers to connect with their students quickly. The live teaching sessions allow both the parties to interact while understanding the concepts. Teachers can send emails, video messages, text messages, or make calls to students using the learning management system.

3. Simple Learning

Teaching is a complicated process that requires constant effort and dedication from teachers. A good teacher knows his/her students well and frames his policies based on those requirements. In online education apps, teachers have to teach virtually while understanding students. Teachers should keep the learning structure simple, student-friendly, and easy to grasp. Lengthy concepts should be divided into small units and taught to the learners for better understanding. Teachers can choose the pre-designed lesson plans for better experience. The well-planned assignment schedules ensure timely allotment and submission.

4. Organized Work

The online teaching structure should be well-organized and pre-planned. Teachers should give emphasis to learning schedules and deadlines so that they can complete the course right on time without any lag. Each subject should be given due importance and teachers should make sure that every chapter comprises of interactive content full of diagrams, animations and images. Teachers should try to manage their work as per the given instructions.

5. Full-time Service

In e-teaching, students get an opportunity to connect with their teachers at any given time as per their convenience. Teachers should frame their working style in a way that they are able to respond to students during online sessions as well as after the class. The teacher should create an environment where students feel free to come up with their queries without any trouble.

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