Tips on How to Display Wall Art to Refresh Your Space

Wall art holds great importance in interior design. Whether you are using it to add a pop of colour to a boring wall, give a personal touch to your room, or fill up an empty corner, abstract wall art will help you get the desired look and refresh your space.

Here are the tips you should keep in mind while displaying wall art in your home.

Make a picture wall the focal point of your room

A focal point is a point that gets the most attention when you enter a room. It is the first thing your eyes land on every time you enter the room. A room that is decorated around its focal point looks more comfortable, complete, and harmonious.

People generally make a window, mirror, fireplace, or TV their focal point. You don’t have to do what others have already been doing for decades though. Think outside the box and create a unique style by making wall art the focal point of your room.

Experiment with different wall art styles

There is a wide variety of wall art available in the market. Why restrict yourself to one style when you can experiment with many. Some different kinds of wall frames that you can try are floating frames, antique frames, modern frames, canvas print, digital print, and collage frames. Try a different set of frames in different rooms.

You can also add a personal touch to your room by displaying frames that match your style and personality.

Keep the colour scheme in mind

The colour and style of the art piece you choose show your aesthetic sense and knowledge of creativity. This makes wall art an essential part of the home décor.

You should match the art piece colour to the furniture, wall paint and other elements in the room. You should select a frame that complements your existing room décor.

Choose a suitable size of the frame

Frame size is an important frame feature that you should consider when buying a frame for your room, according to Shutterfly. You should carefully examine the wall and room décor when selecting a frame.

If the room, furniture, and other décor elements are small, then do not display a large-sized frame, as it will look dominating compared to the other elements of the room, and will catch all the attention. Instead, choose a frame that is in harmony with other things.

A small to medium-sized frame looks good in bedrooms, while a larger frame may suit the dining room depending on its size.

Don’t leave a wall looking incomplete

Adding a finishing touch to a room with wall art and similar accessories will make the space look live-in ready and give the décor a finished feel.

If you are into art and painting, then it is your chance to display your masterpieces and show off your skills. Don’t just keep your favourite pictures stored in your phone’s photo gallery. Get them developed and display them in frames. They will certainly bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.

You can experiment with different pictures and frames according to your personal taste and make any space feel like home.

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