The office environment is where most people are the most productive throughout their day. While a typical office setting should look formal to an extent, it doesn’t mean you have to make it blocky and utilitarian – your workplace can look fun without distracting you.

A significant component in any office design narrative is its furniture. An office table plays a massive role in your workplace, often acting as the central point around which other objects and items revolve. 

Beyond the mere presence of an office table, its material can also dictate the look and feel of the room. For instance,  a giant oak or mahogany table mostly exudes stately grace, while a prefab milled one lends minimalism to the space. 

However, one material that lets you do much more is acrylic. Acrylic tables are an excellent blend of sophistication, style, and function. This article will highlight some of the best ways to style your acrylic office table if you’d like to make a crystal clear statement with your workspace.

Much Ado About Acrylic Office Tables

You might think that acrylic is an odd choice for an office furniture item. Admittedly, it comes off as a glamorous and fancy material used in cosmetics, but it could be much more in a work environment. It could give the space more brightness and depth. 

You could explore the different acrylic types available. Plexiglass and Lucite are some of the more premium options on the market, as they offer more strength and flexibility necessary for an office table.

Overall, acrylic office tables are shatter-resistant and lightweight, making them a better choice than glass in many use cases. 

Style Options for Your Acrylic Office Table

Acrylic tables might feel like a design paradox to many people. Thanks to their transparency, lucite acrylic furniture makes the room feel bigger without lending many styles elsewhere. You may think of them as “blank canvases” that would derive their aesthetics from whatever item you decide to add to them subsequently. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about how to style your acrylic office table to fit your desired mood. You can try the following quick and easy tips:

Let Light Do the Work

Acrylic makes a room feel roomier than it is due to how the material interacts with light. Due to their transparency, acrylic pieces reflect most of the light they receive, much like a mirror.

Therefore, having an acrylic office table makes the room brighter than it’d have been otherwise. A cheap acrylic desk is an excellent choice if you’ve got an office space that receives less-than-adequate sunlight. The last thing you’d want is having an already dark room appear darker, and acrylic tables offer a quick fix for that. 

If you don’t mind taking things further, you can style the table with light-colored items. Anything with contrast and saturation would enhance the table’s reflectiveness. For instance, an acrylic desk with storage compartments for books could be the central design theme in the office without being obtrusive.

Mix Things Up With Texture and Contrast

Contrast is a significant feature in interior design, and you can exploit it with your acrylic office table. Due to their composition, lucite tables have hard, smooth surfaces; pairing them up with soft, wooly upholstery brings out some of the best workplace styles you can imagine with an acrylic table. 

You could play around with the colors as well. Who says your transparent acrylic table can’t have colored legs? Wooden, brown bases lay an excellent design foundation for the room, and you can follow it up with sofas and executive chairs under the same color scheme. 

If you’d like your workplace to have more drama and intensity, keep things in a “two-finish” affair: hard acrylic against soft upholstery and one color against another. 

Go All in on Acrylic

How far can you go with a Plexiglass computer desk design? We’ve got an idea: make everything else acrylic! From the desk chair to the bookshelves, you could have every other accompanying furniture piece fashioned from lucite acrylic. An acrylic desk here would make your workspace feel less cluttered, and you get to enjoy the lighting advantage even more. 

Further, an all-acrylic setting adds some magic and “pizzazz” to your office. For instance, the design gives the illusion of books and other items floating on the shelf or the table. It could be quite the highlight for anyone walking into the office for the first time.

Another benefit to an all-acrylic office is how well each furniture piece blends into the background. Such unique properties make them particularly helpful in an open-plan office or a workplace that serves other purposes. You could have an acrylic home office desk if you want the space to feel less like you’re at work. 

Throw in Some Green Nature

Are you worried that you might get bored of your two-tone acrylic finish? You could always use the tried-and-true trick: have some green plants. It’d be best to pick out some evergreen plants and place them around your acrylic office table. 

You could have the pot or vase in an offset position (to the table’s corners) if you intend to keep them on a mini acrylic desk. Otherwise, let them sit under the table. Furthermore, color accents around the office could follow the greenery. Keep different green shades for the window blinds, book covers, and other significant items in the room.

If you think an all acrylic finish is too monotone, flowers could liven things up for you. Simple vases of tulips, lilies, and other house plants are an excellent idea, especially when you consider the different design ideas their luxuriant hues can give you.

Wrapping Up

Acrylic office tables are an exciting choice for any modern workplace setting. They’re a departure from the traditional, blocky designs.

However, given that acrylic is a transparent and lightweight material, there’s only so much design inspiration you can get from it. 

In most cases, acrylic tables serve as the barest base to build your aesthetic ideas. Our tips could get you started on the right acrylic table style for your work.

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