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The concept of cloud kitchen is gaining traction among food lovers. In these pandemic times, customers can order food from the comfort of their home. They don’t have to step out being concerned about the contraction of the virus. However, in an era where restaurant sales have declined sharply the challenge is how to boost sales at your cloud kitchen.

Top tips to boost sales at your cloud kitchen

Focus on marketing campaigns –

Install a robust restaurant management software at your restaurant. It will help collect contact details of your customers such as e-mail id and phone numbers. With India’s leading digital restaurant management platform Inresto campaign now send personalised messages to the customers on the various incentives and discount offers. A major advantage is that with a single click you can reach out to a vast number of people. Run automated marketing campaigns to attract diners from your target segment.

Advertise aggressively –

Advertise on third party food delivery platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato. Since a majority of the customers order from these platforms, it will help grab their attention. Have a strong social media presence and post content frequently on Facebook and Instagram. Take part in community events such as programs conducted by the local residents association. Set up your stall so that it help spread word of mouth publicity.

Have a customised loyalty program –

The study conducted by Bond shows that it’s the loyalty programs that prompt 81% of customers to continue doing business with a brand.  Come up with a loyalty program that is simple and easy to understand. Reward your customers based on the amount spend at your establishment. The offer of instant redemption makes the   loyalty program more attractive. Identify those customers who order food frequently. Extend special offers and discounts for them to boost the loyalty.

Do not reduce the quality

Having the cloud kitchen always needs a unique quality which is great than the others. So when you are going to improve your business to a new level then it is necessary to follow one of their important strategy called the maintaining the quality. The quality of the kitchen will bring a more number of customers and so your business will have the chance to grow. Suppose if you are having a cloud kitchen it is better to keep the cleanliness and the high-quality ingredients for making any kind of the foods. This will bring a good impression among the customers and so they will be regular to your kitchen.

Hire the partnerships of online food delivery companies

In this modern world, smartphone users are using swiggy, zomato, uber, and many other online food apps that are safe and easy for them to get the best food in a short span of time. So having the partnership with these kinds of companies will improve the growth of the cloud business further which in turn increases the online reputation.

Parting Words

Offering excellent food and amazing service is just not enough to increase sales at your cloud kitchen. By following the tips discussed above experience a significant increase in your order volumes. It will help overcome competition easily and establish a space of your own.

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