Tips To Climb Up The Career Ladder
  1. Attempt To Get To Know Your Boss

People tend to want to do business with who they know and even like. You should be focusing on this when marketing yourself. Try to make yourself as likable as possible as it will go a long way towards ensuring you can climb the ladder successfully. Do everything possible to make your boss’ job easier. Keep them updated whenever needed so they don’t have to come calling on you to get status reports and updates. No one wants to have to go out of their way to get informed. Try to set up reoccurring meetings with your boss to give them the information they need to do their job. By putting yourself in a position where you’re on their side and doing everything to help them succeed, you will begin to be looked at as a major asset within the organization.

  1. File Away Your Accomplishments

You’ll want to keep track of everything you accomplish. Then, you’ll want to have them ready to be communicated. We are all well aware of when we are doing excellent in our jobs, but it doesn’t help if you aren’t making your accomplishments known. While you don’t have to brag about your accomplishments, you should be highlighting them. It could be something as simple as forwarding praise from an important client. This way, your boss will know exactly what you are bringing to the table and that you are proving to be an asset to the company. Highlighting your accomplishments will ensure they don’t go without notice.

  1. Propose a Job If Opportunity Arises

If the opportunity pops up, you’ll want to propose a job. When you are inside of a company, you have a lot more information about the company’s needs. You’ll be able to spot staffing issues before your boss even recognizing they exist. Whether it be your company is understaffed or you have issues that need to be addressed with certain employees or positions, Charles Hunter advises that this can be a good way to get yourself a promotion. By being proactive with things and proposing a solution that can be a very effective way to get yourself moved up the ladder. Firstly, you’ll want to do your due diligence to ensure that the company will be saving money or making more money with you in that position. The more detailed you can be about profit projections, the better your chances of landing it. No one will turn down a proposal that has nothing but upside.

  1. Step Up and Up

No, we aren’t talking about getting yourself a stair stepper. Rather, you want to focus on stepping up to the plate. The key to moving up your career ladder is by stepping up and doing what others won’t do. This can help to position yourself as someone that needs to be retained. You want to be looked at as an indispensable employee. These are the employees that get promoted out of necessity. After all, no employer wants to lose an indispensable employee. Thus, they will do everything in their power to retain them. This generally means pay raises and promotions. Always go above and beyond in your job duties. When others are saying “no” to tackling a project, ensure you’re the employee that says “yes.” Bosses will always be looking for those who are willing to go out there and get what they want.

  1. Be Generous

No one wants anyone to take credit for work they didn’t do themselves. Likewise, no one wants to be around those who are finger pointers when things aren’t going great. This is why you want to be as generous as possible and encourage quality to be successful. This will help you stand out as a good employee and a good member of the team. You want to position yourself as someone who people want to be around. The last thing you want to do is be someone that people cannot stand to work with. Maintain the highest level of integrity at all times and act professionally. Be honest with your bosses and your coworkers.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your position within your company. The key is being ambitious and willing to tackle things that others aren’t. Continue to be transparent and honest and you’ll be rewarded with promotions in the workplace.

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