purchasing a second hand bike

Purchase of a bike might turn out to be a costly affair, but you can save considerably if you opt for a second hand bike purchase. On the internet you may come across a plethora of deals on offer but there are people who are looking to rip you off. So you have to be aware about these points when you are purchasing a second hand bike. Any bike that you choose should be able to suffice your needs. It should be affordable both on the road and on your wallet. Before you are purchasing second hand bikes there are a few points of consideration.

Opt for dedicated service

There are numerous online platforms which makes the task of choosing a bike an easy one. Forcing the sellers to disclose their personal information would not be a positive trait. Always opt for recognized classifieds before you part with cash in an online domain. More so this works out to be the case if you are meeting a stranger then do not carry a lot of cash.

Some of the websites provide feedback of the customers who have purchased bikes in the past. Even a seller has to opt for an encrypted mode of payment. What it means is that if the bike is damaged during transit then there is every possibility you may get a full refund on the total payment.

Interact with the seller face to face

It might not always be possible to locate a dream bike in your area. So how you are aware that the bike you look works out to be the best. An option is  to check out things in person. When you are buying a bike it is not like that you are purchasing a car. So who is going to purchase it without testing it.  There is no idea that you may obtain the best of deal when it comes to purchase of a bike.

Research the competition

Do not fall into the bind as check out the prices on offer from the similar brands. Even it is better to set up things before you happen to go for a dialogue when it comes to the purchase of a bike. When you research the competition you may obtain the best when it comes to deals. It is not only going to provide you confidence, but convey to the other party that you real mean things.

Do haggle

After the research it makes sense to do some degree of haggle. Make sure that there are ample examples of sales at hand. Even before you start the price of negotiation you need to have a price in mind as then only you will be able to reach the middle ground. Hence you will be able to reach a middle price ground that would be beneficial for all the parties involved.

In some of the cases haggle might not work out but it would be ok. If the owner is not willing to get the price right away then it would be better to walk away from the deal. Till it is a major deal you are likely to come across something better in the days to come.

Check out the wear or tear

A suggestion is to check out the wear and tear of the bike when it comes to the frame. The cracks might turn out be red flags especially near the rear as they are more likely to cause serious damages or injury.

Consult an expert or bring a friend along with you

An ideal way to prevent any mishaps is to bring along a friend with you. A lot of us fall into the trap of buying a bike and would not mind to shell out a lot of money. But this turns out to be a wrong move from an objective point of view. This may prevent you from paying something more and an extra pair of eyes would make the difference.

  • The frame for the cracks as the scuffs is going to be deep
  • The tyres work out to be pumped
  • The brakes work as the pads would be worn out
  • The chain would not be stretched as it is not going to cost you a lot if you are planning to replace it
  • Gearing or shifting tends to be effective
  • The bearings move freely without any scope of being rattled

Check out if the bike is not stolen

There could be various deals on offer which may be hard to resist.  A bike could be stolen and make sure it is marked properly.  Numerous websites are there where you can check out the details of the bike. Even if the bike turns out to be new you may ask for a proof of purchase.

Tips to keep in mind when you are purchasing a bike

First and foremost before seeing a bike do not shell out money. Some websites might be there where there are regulations in place, no point in giving money to someone without seeing the bike in person. Some services which the scammers resort when you end up purchasing may cost you a lot.

Secondly haggle is a vital component when it comes to a deal. But do not go all out blazing before you plan to secure a good deal. You have to build a rapport with the dealer, as striking a conversation enables them to strike a quality deal.

No point to purchase from abroad

An ideal practice that you need to follow is to keep the search restricted on to the home nation. When you are going abroad you end up losing a track of the deal and there exists a possibility you may end up in tears.

To sum up things there are a series of pointers that you have to keep in mind when  you purchase a bike. If you follow the above tips you strike the possibility of a quality deal.

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