Title: Top 5 Affiliate Networks in Asia, Australia and Europe

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing method where an affiliate earns a commission for promoting another company’s products. The affiliate needs to choose a product and then promote it through their affiliate links. With each sale of the product, the affiliate earns a commission.

How does affiliate marketing work?

When you sign up for an affiliate program of your choice, you are given an affiliate link (a special URL). Whenever you mention the advertisers on your website, you use your affiliate link. If a customer uses your affiliate link, the advertiser drops a cookie to your customer’s computer. If the customer buys something from the website, the advertiser checks the customer’s computer for the cookie. When the advertiser finds the cookie that belongs to you, it shows a record of all the traffic and sales that were generated through your affiliate link. In exchange, you earn a commission from all of it. This process is then repeated again and again. Due to this, it is much easier to join these programs and earn money for yourself while being at home.

What are Affiliate Networks?

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between affiliates and merchant affiliate programs. It allows website publishers to find and participate in affiliate programs suitable for themselves (and thus generate income from those programs) more easily. It allows websites offering affiliate programs (typically online merchants) to reach a larger audience by promoting their affiliate programs to all of the publishers participating in the affiliate network.

For affiliates, services and benefits can include simplifying the process of registering for one or more merchant affiliate programs, reporting tools, access to product API, and payment aggregation.

With the help of affiliate networks, it becomes much simpler for marketers to grow and earn money as they are exposed to many different types of affiliate programs on one platform. These platforms help you manage and grow your businesses through online means.

Following is a list of the best and top-quality affiliate networks in Asia.


  1. Indoleads: Indoleads.com Affiliate Marketplace.

Indoleads.com is an affiliate network platform that provides affiliate programs and marketing services for publishers & advertisers founded in June 2017 by Sergey Gaydar. Indoleads is one of the top affiliate networks out there, which provides a platform for the people and makes joining affiliate programs way easier. Indoleads gives you various the best programs in your region that you can choose from and join with a few clicks. It has over 5000+ affiliate marketing programs covering over 180+ countries. It has over 30,000 affiliate marketers, who drive over $500 million in annual revenue. Indoleads has its head office in Malaysia and has local offices in 5 different countries, including Brazil, Latvia, Vietnam, Russia, and Hong Kong. Indoleads had paid up to $127,000 in monthly payouts to its top-performing affiliate marketers. You will find some of the best e-commerce companies on this platform such as eBay, Amazon, Shein, AliExpress, Alibaba, Lazada, Samsung, and much more. With having a platform like Indoleads, marketers can now manage multiple affiliate programs and links using the online portal. It also has an affiliate program that you can join and earn from.

Affiliate Network Type: CPA, CPS.

Commission rates range from 1%-50%.

  1. InvolveAsia:

InvolveAsia is an affiliate network that was launched in 2014 in Malaysia. It owns and operates an e-commerce focused affiliate network in Southeast Asia. InvolveAsia has spread across Indonesia and Thailand and has a plan on increasing its presence to other countries in the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern regions of the world. It is a well-performing and well-established network for publishers and advertisers to connect for marketing campaigns. The site only pays commission based on your performance; hence affiliates will only get paid upon successful conversions such as leads, signups, orders, etc. InvolveAsia has over 50,000+ publishers across channels and industries. In 2017, InvolveAsia was certified as an MSC-status company, a recognition by the Government of Malaysia. They also have over 8 years of digital marketing experience which shows that they are reliable.

Referral Commission: $1.21.

Commission Type: CPA, CPS. 

  1. CommissionFactory:

We also have CommissionFactory, which is another affiliate marketing network based in Sydney, Australia. CommissionFactory was founded in 2011 by current directors Zane Mclntyre, Mario Johnston, and David Hayman. CommissionFactory has over 600 online retailers which are part of their network. These retailers range from small, mid to large merchants. They state to be one of the largest Affiliate networks in the southern hemisphere with a 55 percent market share. Their head office is located in Sydney, New South Wales. CommissionFactory provides so much for its marketers and helps makes it easier for them to manage the affiliate programs that they have registered. You can easily grow your business and keep track of records on their online website. They also have many affiliate programs for you to choose from and

Commission Type: CPA, CPS.

The commission is between 8% and 10% of the sale value.

  1. Admitad:

Admitad Affiliate Network: Earning Money with Affiliate Programs

Admitad.com is an affiliate marketing network and was founded in Germany in 2009 and was later officially launched in Russia in 2010. Since 2010 it has expanded its offering to Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, and North America. Since its beginning in the market, the company has grown a lot and provides one of the best services in the affiliate networking market. Admitad.com has worldwide traffic and works with many international offers, which help both the publishers and the advertisers to increase profits by optimizing their marketing campaigns. Admitad has over 800,000+ publishers and 2000+ advertisers. It made total sales of about $5.1 billion in 2020. Admitad is secure and trustable and gives its users many tools on its website to expand their businesses. Like other affiliate networks, Admitad also provides a wide range of categories of an affiliate program to choose from and join. Admitad also gives out payouts as fast as they can with the help of WebMoney and Paypal.

Commission rates start at $10-$20.

Commission Type: CPA, CPS.

  1. Vcommission: 

vCommission – the Global Affiliate Network from India

Founded in 2008 Commission is the leading affiliate network in India, delivering one of the best web and mobile performances. VCommission a growing network of over 18,000+ affiliates and was categorized as India’s First International CPA network. They aim to deliver quality traffic for their marketers for performance-based advertising worldwide. They make it easier for you to manage your programs and help you find optimum digital advertising solutions and help publishers choose the right offers according to their website/other traffic types. VCommission is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adways VC India Private Limited. Since Commission is a global platform, it helps provide a more substantial base for small businesses to grow on. Their support is available for you at all times via email, Gtalk, Skype. They also have a category of iGaming, which they joined 2 years back. They have a dedicated team specifically for iGaming aiming to deliver top-quality players, giving an amazing performance to their iGaming business partners through their network. They also have introduced their affiliate programs which can be easily joined. They specialize in the UK, Scandinavian regions, Canada, and Australian traffic. They also provide reliable tracking to their users.

Commission Type: CPA, CPS.

Commission rates are up to 50%.

It will be interesting to note that Indoleads launched the first global affiliate program marketplace (https://marketplace.indoleads.com) in collaboration with all of these networks. With an account at the Indoleads Affiliate Network you can manage multiple affiliate programs from all of these affiliate networks on a single platform.

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