Top 10 apps to increase your Instagram followers

You all may be aware that Instagram is a social media platform used by millions of people on a regular basis.  A study found that 64% of Instagram users check into Instagram at least once a day. The average time spends by people on Instagram is 28 minutes which includes scrolling through feeds and posts. You might be thinking of why Instagram has this many users? So I will tell you the reason behind it. Instagram is a site that is very User-oriented and User friendly. So people can quickly learn how to run it. Even  For beginners or new users, the site is elementary to navigate the tools and activities. Moreover, every age group of people can enjoy this platform.

There is competition among people regarding Instagram followers. Every person is running after increasing followers on their profile. Due to the high demand for increasing followers, various apps will get you, followers. Various apps will get you followers for free, or you pay to app for getting followers. But the question arises that are they real followers or just an increase in the number of followers? You should research and find the app or site that will get you, real followers for your profile. Here are the apps that will get your real followers on your Instagram profile-

  • Aigrow
  • Combin
  • Famoid
  • Turbo followers
  • 5000 followers pro Instagram
  • Instazood
  • Organic followers

The above mentioned are the apps that will get you followers, on your Instagram profile. In the latest research, it is discovered that people usually have 140 casual friends. So on average, a personal account might have 140-200 followers on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. But people like to be known as a brand, and people believe in showoff, so they try to buy followers for their profile.

Aigrow: for best Instagram followers.

It comes among the top apps which provide Instagram followers. I grow at the first rank in the list of increasing followers app. The reason behind the success of this apps is that it provides guaranteed 3-4 thousand followers, which are natural and organic.

This app has the rule that if you have not achieved your targeted number of followers, otherwise, they will return your money.

One of the big reasons behind this app’s preference is that it provides real followers to its users. In addition, it manages your Instagram profile like a professional, which is the coolest thing about the app.


Combin is another best app if you are looking to increase your Instagram followers. This app helps you in attracting new followers to your Instagram profile. In addition, the app finds ways to engage and grow your audience by analyzing your profile insights.

The app has a feature of scheduling to schedule when to post the content, and it will also remind you to post a feed.

This app will help you in growing:

  • The targeted number of followers
  • User analysis
  • Tell you about non-followers
  • Safelist of people that you can not unfollow. You can also find out who unfollowed you.
  • Schedule to post content and unfollow.

How to use the app:

  • Visit the site and download the app.
  • After installation of an app, enter your username and other information
  • Now start working.


you can purchase Instagram followers through apps and sites. If you are the one who is looking for increasing followers by paying method, famoid can be a better choice for you. Famoid app provides followers to Instagram, but it also provides followers and subscribers on Facebook and youtube.

The app offers followers likes and view packages. Think before buying a package because you are investing money and make sure your goals get achieved with the selected package of followers.

If you have a channel on youtube and searching for increasing the number of subscribers, famoid can help you out in that situation.

Turbo followers-

The free Instagram follower app will not charge you anything for increasing your number of followers. What you need to do is,  first, you have to follow other accounts to get the followers, which means your following will get increased if you use this app to increase followers.


  • The app is based on the follow for follow method
  • It uses the hashtags for a broadcast of your profile
  • It is a free app
  • The app is User friendly
  • It guarantees you to deliver a thousand followers for free and immediately.
  • You have to follow others to get as many followers as you need.

5000 followers pro Instagram-

This app is based on providing coins to the users. It includes that you will follow other users, and in return, you will earn the coins. The earned coins you can spend on the promotion of your Instagram profile. If you are looking for increasing followers in numbers, then this app will be best for you. One problem you can face is that your followers will also start decreasing when you unfollow the accounts.

What you need to do:

  • Firstly you will download the app and install it on your device
  • Login the user details
  • Start following and earn coins


  • It is a free app
  • The app is User friendly
  • You can increase followers without any investment.


It is the automation follower app which means the app will handle and automate your follow, comments, story views, and like activities of your profile. It is an app that is available for both android and ios users.

What you need to do:

  • You have to sign up on an installed app
  • Confirm your Instagram account
  • Fill in the details of your insta profile


  • Auto-like, follow view story feature.
  • Scheduling of feeds and posts
  • Tiktok bots are there
  • Auto direct message option is available.

Organic followers-

It is the app that will provide you, organic followers on your Instagram. In addition, the app will give you the facility to find new followers automatically. This app is limited to Android users. The app has a 4star rating and 8k reviews. The app auto-follow and auto-follow the other accounts.

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