Top 10 Big Data Technologies


The future of Big Data technologies is unshakeable and clear. If you have seen, technologies like Artificial Intelligence or AI, Machine Learning or ML, Internet of things or IoT, and more are making their way into our regular day-to-day existence. Behind these is Big Data technologies sitting strong in a definitive position. PG Diploma in Data Science is a thorough program that offers an ideal mix of Emerging Technologies and Data Science to help students become able Data Science professionals.

What are Big Data technologies?

Big Data technologies are a particular sign that is utilized to portray the huge gathering of data that is tremendous in size and dramatically expanding with time. It essentially determines the huge amount of data that is difficult to transform, investigate, and stock with conventional tools of management.

All things considered, Big Data technologies is the used software that joins data visualization, data sharing, data storage, and data mining. The far-reaching term accepts data, a data structure including big data tools and technologies used to transform and investigate data.

Big Data Softwares are Hadoop, Quoble, HPCC, Cassandra, MongoDB, Apache Storm, CouchDB, Statwing, Flink, Pentaho, and so on.

What are the types of Big Data technologies?

Big Data technologies can be divided into two classes: 

  1. Operational Big Data Technologies: 

It demonstrates the produced measure of data every day like social media, online transactions, or such data from a particular firm utilized for the examination through Big Data technologies-based software.

  1. Analytical Big Data Technologies: 

It indicates the development transformation of Big Data technologies and a cycle confounded in contrast with Operational Big Data.

Top 10 Big Data technologies

Here are Top 10 Big Data technologies:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. R Programming
  3. Blockchain
  4. Data Lakes
  5. NoSQL Databases
  6. Knowledge Discovery Tools
  7. The Hadoop Ecosystem
  8. Spark
  9. MongoDB
  10. Tableau
  1. Artificial Intelligence

A broad bandwidth of computer science that bargains in planning savvy machines equipped to achieve different undertakings that regularly request human intelligence is known as AI. The superb part of Artificial Intelligence or AI big data tools and techniques is the solidarity to intellectualize and settle on choices that can conceivably accomplish a distinct objective.

  1. R Programming

R is an open-source and programming language project. It is free programming profoundly utilized for visualization, statistical computing, brought together creating conditions like Visual and Eclipse Studio help correspondence.

  1. Blockchain

As a top choice with forward-looking examiners and investors, blockchain is the conveyed data set technologies used in big data that underlies Bitcoin digital currency. The extraordinary element of a blockchain database is that it can’t be erased or changed afterward whenever data has been composed. Plus, it is profoundly secure, which settles on it a brilliant decision for big data applications in touchy businesses like retail, health care, insurance, banking, and so on.

  1. Data Lakes

Data Lakes is an enormous data storehouse that gathers data from various sources and is put away in its normal state.

  1. NoSQL Databases

Big Data technologies NoSQL database administrators to manage, control, and query with the structured data stored in relational database management systems.

  1. Knowledge Discovery Tools

These are tools that permit organizations to mine Big Data technologies unstructured and structured, which are stored on different sources. These sources can be different document frameworks, DBMS, APIs, or comparable platforms.

  1. The Hadoop Ecosystem

While Apache Hadoop may not be pretty much as prevailing as it used to be, it isn’t easy to discuss big data without referencing this open-source system for the distributed preparation of big data sets.

  1. Spark

Apache Spark is important for the Hadoop environment, yet its utilization has become so far-reaching that it merits its very own class.

  1. MongoDB

MongoDB is an open-source data examination device created by MongoDB in 2009. It is a NoSQL, document-oriented database JavaScript, C , and C and has a simple arrangement climate.

  1. Tableau

Tableau is an amazing data representation and programming arrangement device in the Analytics Industry and Business Intelligence.

What the future holds for Big Data Technologies?

Big Data technologies have surprised the world, and there are no indications of easing back down. Here are 10 Big Data technologies forecasts that will address your captivating inquiry. 

  1. ML will be the subsequent big thing in big data.
  2. Big data will be substituted by actionable and fast data.
  3. Interests in big data technologies will skyrocket.
  4. Big data will help you break productivity records.
  5. Chief data officer: a new position will emerge.
  6. More developers will follow the big data revolution.
  7. Prescriptive analytics will enhance an integral part of BI software.
  8. Organizations will buy algorithms instead of software.
  9. Data scientists will be in great demand.
  10. Security will be the biggest challenge.

Emerging Big Data Technologies

Top 10 emerging technologies assist clients with adapting to and handling Big Data technologies in a savvy way.

  1. Column-oriented databases
  2. Platfora
  3. NoSQL databases
  4. Storage Technologies
  5. MapReduce
  6. SkyTree
  7. Hadoop
  8. WibiData
  9. PIG
  10. Hive


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