Weddings and sangeets are memorable events in everyone’s lives as they bring a lot of memories to cherish for a lifetime. Sangeet is one event where there is music, dance, display of talent, food…all these bring an electric energy to the wedding.

Singing and dancing in the Sangeet ceremony is an age-old tradition and imagine a star artist is singing for your sangeet. It’s magical right! Thinking of where to hire the singers from d what songs to include for your sangeet. www.liveclefs.com is there for all your celebration needs!.

Certain Bollywood song numbers are apt for Sangeet like fast beats, remixes, songs related to weddings, fun songs related to girl gangs etc.

These are the top 20 Bollywood Sangeet singe to rock your Sangeet night!

  1. London Thumakda- Queen

This song from the movie Queen is a fast beat number that pulls everyone to the dance floor. It is undoubtedly one of the most favourite songs played in flash mons and sangeet ceremonies.

  1. Gulaboo – Shandaar

 This song from the film Shandaar is an a.fast beat song that can make everyone groove over the beat. It is also one of the favourite songs for sangeet and flash mobs.

  1. 3. Dholi taro dhol baje – Hum Dil de choke Sanam

This is such an electric and high energy song that can make any move and sway to the beat. Including this song in the sangeet, the song list is going to bring lots of memories to cherish.

  1. Bole chudiyan – Kabhi Kushi Kabhi gam

This song is packed with music and beautiful lyrics which makes it apt for a family get together ceremony like Sangeet. Play it in the Sangeet ceremony to make your guests and family move and dance leaving their inhibition behind.

  1. Zallah wallah – Ishaqzade

This song is such a catchy beat from Ishaqzade that it can scale up the intensity of your sangeet ceremony to another level. Choose this best to have fun and celebration!

  1. Adhoore- Break ke baad

This song is such a high energy song that you can have fun with choreography as well as lyrics. The beat is sure to make you groove and it’s going to bring memories to cherish for a lifetime.

  1. Navrai Majhi – English Vinglish

This song itself has a mood celebration and festivity. The best, the lyrics, the energy… it’s going to bring a tornado of energy onto the dance floor.

  1. Daru Desi- Cocktail

Fun, frolic and quirkiness are what this song brings to your Sangeet night! A nice time to do some fun steps and let loose yourself leaving behind the rehearsal and reproducing the steps learnt.

  1. Hey Ya – Karthik calling Karthik

This song has a beat that has a modern touch to it. This is apt for her sangeet night if you have friends and family who love to groove to a stylish number!

  1. 1 Mushkil Bida – Gupt

Even though this is an old song, the beat, the music, lyrics and the style make it an evergreen hit. Include this number for your sangeet night to move on the dance floor with style and grace!.

  1. Sadi Galli – Tanu weds Manu

This is another fast beat song to make you dance and have fun like no one is watching!. Include this song in the sangeet list of Bollywood songs to have fun, dance and party!.

  1. Sajnaji vari – Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd

This peppy fun song is going to make someone groove who has been sitting in a corner.

  1. Mahi ve- Kal ho na go

Who does not like to dance to the Shahrukh khan number on their sangeet ceremony?

  1. 1 Mehendi Laga Ke- Dilwale dulhaniya Le Jayenge

To bring that festive mood, celebration and ethnic touch- include this in your sangeet list of songs.

  1. 1 Chammak challo- Ra.one

This best is a peppy, fast and stylish one that brings out the dancer hiding in everyone.

  1. Kajra re- Bunty Aur Babli

This song is that naughty, haughty one that adds spice to your sangeet ceremony!

  1. 1 Girls like to swing- Dil dhadakne do

This is another pep for girls to have fun and move over the dance floor ignoring the rules and rehearsals!.

  1. Aunty Ji – Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

This fast beat number is going to make everyone have the fun and time of their life in your sangeet ceremony!

  1. Pallo latke – Shaadi mein zaroor aana

This fast beat song has an ethnic touch to it which makes this a favourite song for sangeet night.

  1. Aankh Mare – Simmba

This song with its peppy fast beat is a must in your sangeet list!.

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