Top 3 Android Spyware 2021 - Pick The Best Android Spy App

With high technical exposure and an increasing rate of private cyber lives, it has become necessary to use spyware apps to secure kids online. Not only children but everyone is at risk of facing online dangers, such as cyberbullying, sexual predation, public humiliation, etc.

The use of spyware apps is legitimate only if you have the consent of the target user. However, for monitoring underage kids, parents can use spyware apps to save their children from cyber threats.

Mobile phone spy apps are surveillance software designed to record cell phone activities in real-time.

Here, we are going to discuss the top 3 Android spyware to help you pick the best Android spy app for your spying needs.

Top 3 Android Spyware 2021 – Pick The Best Android Spy App:

You must be thinking about how a spy app can bring benefit to anybody. We understand that spying on someone is an illegal act. Our purpose here is not to encourage you to participate in an unethical activity but to make you aware of using spyware apps for the greater good.

Yes, perhaps a spy app can help you save your child from an online molester. Or you can reveal if your employees are sharing corporate information with company rivals. Today, modern parents know the alarming online situation and the roaming internet threats that can harm their children. The only solution to safeguard our loved ones from the online menaces is the use of a practical Android spy tool.

The following are top Android spy apps that are in great demand nowadays.

  1. TheWiSpy
  2. FlexiSpy
  3. XnSpy

Let’s discuss each spyware app in detail and see how it can help you explore the online space of your loved ones.


TheWiSpy is a cell phone monitoring and parental control app. It helps you protect your kids from the harsh online exposure.

WS is an Android-compatible spy app. Using TWS app, you can secure your businesses and track your employees’ work phones remotely. TheWiSpy app allows you to record phone calls, spy on text messages, and monitor other mobile activities without any hassle.


  • It works in complete stealth mode.
  • It offers a free online app demo.
  • TWS protects and encrypts your data.
  • It offers remote access to your target device.
  • It only takes 5 minutes to get installed.
  • TWS offers affordable subscription plans.
  • It offers 24/7 updates.
  • No rooting is required for standard features.
  • TWS customer support is always active in helping customers with their queries.


  • Phone Call Recording
  • SMS Monitoring
  • Screen Recording
  • GPS Tracking
  • Camera Bug
  • Surround Recording
  • Multimedia Monitoring
  • Contacts Tracking
  • App Monitoring
  • And many more.


As compared to other mobile monitoring apps, TheWiSpy is very affordable. It offers flexible pricing plans to help you pay for the plan that suits best your budget and requirements. Users are also provided with a live demo of this app to understand the app functionality before purchasing it.

Here are the subscription packages of TWS app:

Starter Plan:

  • 15-Days License: $9.99

Basic Plan:

  • 1-Month License: $19.99
  • 3-Month License: $49.99
  • 6-Month License: $79.99

Premium Plan:

  • 1-Month License: $29.99
  • 3-Month License: $59.99
  • 6-Month License: $89.99


FlexiSpy is a very popular spy app known for delivering high-end features for cell phone monitoring and control. It is a great tool for digital parenting and employee surveillance. Froom standard monitoring like call or SMS spying to extreme surveillance like camera hacking, FlexiSpy can do it all. However, FlexiSpy is quite expensive as compared to other mobile spying apps.


  • It offers a versatile list of spying features.
  • FlexiSpy is a hidden spy app.
  • It offers a free app demo.
  • FlexiSpy technical support is available 24/7.
  • It is secure and reliable spyware.


  • Call Recording
  • Call Interception
  • SMS Tracking
  • Email Tracking
  • Keylogger
  • Environment Recording
  • RemCam
  • IMs Monitoring
  • App Tracking
  • And many more.


FlexiSpy indeed offers state-of-the-art spying features, but it costs much comparatively. The lite plan of FlexiSpy is affordable. It only provides limited features. As it is said that everything has a price, the FlexiSpy premium plan is worth the hype due to its luxurious features.

Here are the subscription packages of the FlexiSpy app:

Lite Plan:

  • 1-Month License: $29.95

Premium Plan:

  • 1-Month License: $68
  • 3-Month License: $99
  • 12-Month License: $149

Extreme Plan:

  • 3-Month License: $199
  • 12-Month License: $349


XnSpy is yet another leading Android spy app in the online market. The spyware is jam-packed with more than 30 spying features. Parents can use the XnSpy app to monitor and control the mobile devices of their kids.

Xnspy also enables employers to track the work phones remotely. The advanced features of XnSpy are ever-evolving with high-end technology.


  • It is secure spyware.
  • XnSpy offers a live demo.
  • It is an affordable spyware app.
  • The customer and technical support are very active.
  • XnSpy is a non-intrusive app that is undetectable.


  • Phone Call Recording
  • SMS Monitoring
  • Phonebook Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Surround Recording
  • Multimedia Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Logs Monitoring
  • Keylogger
  • Email Tracking
  • And many more.


XnSpy pricing is not very high. In fact, XnSpy subscription plans are affordable. But, just like other spy apps, XnSpy also offers advanced features only with its premium subscription. If you really want to spy on mobile devices with an advanced spying solution, you must give XnSpy premium edition a shot.

Here are the subscription packages of the XnSpy app:

Basic Edition:

  • 1-Month License: $29.99
  • 3-Month License: $41.99
  • 12-Month License: $59.99

Premium Edition:

  • 1-Month License: $19.99
  • 3-Month License: $49.99
  • 12-Month License: $79.99

The Final Words:

Android monitoring apps can be extremely useful for legitimate purposes, like; kids’ monitoring and employee surveillance. The dark side of the internet can harm not only kids but businesses as well. Cyber threats are wandering freely in the online space. The best way to protect our family and businesses from such online menace is using a secure cell phone spy app.

We have discussed the top 3 Android spyware 2021 in this article. Pick the best Android spy app that suits your requirements and safeguard your family from the cons of the internet world.

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