Top 3 Reasons to Move to Raleigh, NC

Moving is a pain.

I’m not going to lie to you—I’ve moved so many times that I can make a basic DIY moving checklist in my sleep. It’s tedious; it makes you second-guess everything you own and the life choices that led you to have so much stuff, and then—when it’s all finally done—it’s just kind of weird to be in a new place.

It’s also a new beginning, though, and I have to say I enjoy the feeling of starting fresh. That’s why I’m writing this blog post: because after my latest move, I can’t help but tell you about why my favorite place in the world is Raleigh, North Carolina.

Home to some of the best restaurants with James Beard-nominated chefs as well as a great shopping scene, check out Raleigh jewelery stores when you plan your visit. It also boasts some of the most incredible natural areas on Earth, Raleigh is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to get away from it all while still maintaining access to an amazing job market and some of the best cultures in the country. Don’t believe me?

If you are already sold on Raleigh and planning a move in the near future, consider hiring one of the many moving companies in Raleigh to make your move as seamless as possible.

Cost of Living in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is the best-kept secret in the US; it’s not just a fantastic place to live, a wonderful place to eat and explore, it’s also surprisingly affordable. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment is just $975, which is less than most major cities in the US—including Washington, DC ($1469) and San Francisco ($2639). Real estate in Raleigh is similarly priced: the average price of a home in Raleigh is $303,677—and that’s an average! There are plenty of homes on the market for much less!

The influx of new residents has made Raleigh a cultural destination as well. If you want art and music and restaurants, Raleigh has ’em. And if you’re more into festivals, we’ve got those too. We have Oktoberfest (of course), but also the Dogwood Festival, the Greek Festival, and so much more. From farmers’ markets to concerts in parks (we love our parks!), there’s always something to do in Raleigh!

It’s true that the influx of new residents has increased the cost of living slightly over the national average… but because housing was already so cheap here before this influx began, even with that increase, you’ll still have much more change in your pocket than if you lived in most other cities across America.

Higher Education

Your Journey to the Big Leagues!

Raleigh, North Carolina, is a dream come true for any college student looking to take their next step. With three Tier-1 universities within an hour of each other, you have access to the resources of UNC-CH, North Carolina State University, and Duke, all within your reach.

For those who are more interested in getting a degree from a school that’s not as well-known but still has prestige, Raleigh offers plenty of options, from Wake Forest University to Meredith College and beyond. Plus, with Raleigh being the second most educated city in the country, there’s an influx of students from beyond the boundaries who are just like you—excited about the future and want to make it happen.

Jobs in Raleigh, NC

If you’re looking for a place to start a career, Raleigh is the place to be. The unemployment rate here is only 3.7, which means Raleigh has a thriving job market with plenty of opportunities to go around—and that’s not even counting the new jobs that will be created when Google opens its new engineering hub in 2022!

Raleigh also has tons of professional co-working options, where you can set up your laptop, brainstorm with like-minded colleagues, and sip on bottomless cups of coffee in order to really make the most of your workday.

Finally, Raleigh was recently ranked third for boasting unrivaled opportunities in the technology industry. So, if you’re looking to settle down somewhere that’s going to offer you exciting job prospects and the chance to build a career, Raleigh is the spot for you.

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