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Any wedding tour is very different from the usual travel. Everything here needs to be thought out to the smallest detail. After all, this journey should be remembered by the newlyweds for the rest of their lives. A place for a honeymoon needs to be unique, special and, moreover, harmoniously fit into your inner world. What you choose – mountains, a sandy beach, a lake in a forest, or even a metropolis, everything should reflect your strong feelings and desires. Consider the following: the most favorite vacation spots for newlyweds. And if you don’t have a girlfriend yet.


Switzerland is not only about precise watches, reliable banks, cheeses, and chocolate. These are also walks on Lake Geneva on a steamer, the Alps, Gothic castles, waterfalls and lakes, dinners in cozy taverns. In short, everything you need for a newlywed couple. 


It is not for nothing that this city is called the city of all lovers. A trip here is the dream of most newlyweds around the world. Kisses at the top of the Eiffel Tower, from where you can see all of Paris, a walk along the evening Champs Elysees, dinner in a cozy romantic restaurant. What could be more beautiful? Even the air here is saturated with romance. 

France reveals its exquisite cuisine and the best wines to every visitor. Canvases of great masters, poetic creations inspire to commit a romantic act. France is the country where haute couture was born. Here the fragrant smell of perfume flies everywhere. Next to your loved one, you will plunge into the world of mysteries, tenderness, love, and romance. And this experience will be supported with an exquisite taste and an unforgettable sip of champagne made from the best grapes of the Champagne province. While walking around Paris you will feel a sense of joy and delight! 


What could be more romantic than this amazing city on the water? We consider Venice to be the main competitor of Paris in terms of the number of newlyweds who come here. This is such an amazing city where “sensuality” is in the air that it is quite possible, even a very modest man, will sing a serenade for his woman while walking along the canals of the city in a gondola. 


If you are interested in the country of Heroes and Gods, you want to see orange orchards, olive groves, appreciate the pleasant taste of dry wine and the aroma of strong black coffee, learn to dance the Sirtaki dance, then Greece is the country you just need to visit. 

This is such a unique place that the warm climate, radiant sun, soft sand, clean mountain air, crystal Aegean Sea, picturesque coastline helps you to relax and unwind. Here you will learn many historical and mythological stories. All this will make an indelible impression on you. Greece is such a beautiful country that it is simply impossible not to fall in love with it! 


Scotland is a magical land, where the past and the present are amazingly combined. Here you will learn about centuries-old traditions, get to know the local culture, enjoy the architecture and nature. Ancient castles of Scotland and England, romantic candlelit dinners, travel around the cities will help you to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle. Here you will gain strength and energy. New impressions and interesting events will only strengthen your love. A trip to Scotland will change your inner world. 

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