Top 6 Korean Manhwa platforms in 2021

Korean manhwa is not a strange name to readers all over the world. This is a kind of comic which belongs to Korean, and brings readers to another beautiful world. Since its launch, Korean manhwa has gained popularity on the Internet. Some manhwas are adapted from K-dramas which are very famous. You must have heard about some names like True Beauty, Itaewon Class,… They are all famous K-dramas which are not only popular in their country, but are also trending in other countries. You may wonder where you can read manhwa? This article will provide you with the best information.

1.   is a great webtoons platform with various categories for readers to easily choose from. With thousands of genres like adventure, romance,…. promises to bring you the best experience. Whatever manhwa you are going to read, you can use the search bar to search for it. The number of manhwa in this site is maily free, there also some paid-option for you. If you want to read them, you have to pay is available for browser and mobile devices.

Webtoons is known as the initial places of famous movies like: True Beauty or Cheese in the Trap… There are also thousands of manhwa for you to choose from. However, it is free for only some of the first chapter. To continue reading, you have to pay money. You can use Webtoon on both browser or mobile devices.

3.   primarily includes genres such as GL,BL, romance,light novel, novel updates… One thing is that requires more money than other platforms. Besides, this site allows users to freely write their own stories. You can read on both browser or mobile devices.

4.            Manytoon comics:
Manytoon comics belongs to Manycomic corporation. This site offers users more than 500 completed manhwa that they can freely enjoy. Daum webtoon has a friendly UI which is convenient for users to use. They can easily search for their favorite manhwa with the searching function. Currently, Manytoon offers only Korean language, but they haven’t developed an English version yet.
You can read webtoon on both browser or mobile devices.

5.   is known as home to many popular series such as Solo Leveling. This site is more friendly than when they offer an English version for foreigners. Not only English, comics has many other languages such as German, French,… You can read manhwa comics on both browser or mobile devices.

Like other platforms, is updated everyday to meet the demand of readers. also offers manhwa in many languages such as Chinese, English, Spanish,… You can read manhwa, manhua both freely or paying.

Discover Top websites if you are the manhwa lover , you can find best webtoons online in this list in 2021

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4 – Manytoon Comics
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