Top 7 Dog Breeds that Live the Longest

Pets can be your true lifetime companions. Dogs are the best to entertain you and accompany you in your daily work.  The most miserable thing that happens in a dog owner’s life is when your  friend departs forever.

Before your next visit to the pet store to get a protection dog for sale or bring home an adorable four-legged friend for yourself, you need to acquire some knowledge about the breed size and longevity of different species. Do you fascinate to buy a small cuddly pup and let it   sit by your side on a lazy Sunday evening? The expert researchers opine that longest living dog breeds can be your best mates.

There isn’t an absolute scientific formula for determining the average lifespan of a dog. Though, dogs on an average sustain for ten to thirteen years. Large breeds have a shorter lifespan compared to smaller dogs. Pet lovers would be happy to hear that the longest living dog lives for about sixteen years. Regular vet visits and dog insurance can go a long way in ensuring your dog will live a long and happy life.

If you would wish to enjoy many years with your furry friend  , choose a smaller breed  over the large ones. You can check out puppies for sale uk to get your own dog today and see if they have these breeds below.

So, let’s check out the list of seven longest living dog breeds.

Top 7 Dog Breeds that Live the Longest

These tiny dogs survive for fifteen years and some live upto twenty years. They are known as the longest living dog breed. Their height varies between five to eight inches. Buyers fall in love with them because of their long coats and wide availability of colors.

Color variations for the Chihuahua are black, red, fan, cream, white, tan, silver, chocolate,and blue. i This breed live well when they follow a well-monitored routine. What keeps Chihuahuas healthy is mental stimulation, plenty of exercise, and training. Proper veterinarian care is needed to improve heart and eye health of this longest living dog.

The Jack Russell Terrier

After Chihuahua, the second longest living dog breed is the Jack Russell Terrier. The average lifespan of the dog is thirteen to eighteen years. This  small breed has a  height and weight in the range of  fourteen inches and seventeen pounds respectively. This  high energy dog  can live outdoors for the entire day. The Jack Russell Terrier is  reared for working and this high level energetic spirit  retains for longer years. Their coat pattern is broken with the available colours like brown, white and  black.

Toy Poodle

Top 7 Dog Breeds that Live the Longest

Would you be happy to have your family pet look  like a toy? The sassy toy poodle is a fine example of that along with the fact that it is one of the longest living dog breeds. This  non-sporting dog lasts for eighteen years. Their approx height ranges up to ten inches. This friendly pet wears a curly, dense coat. It appears in different colors such as apricot, white, brown, and black. Toy Poodle  requires routine health checkups to eliminate eye and orthopedic disorders.

Yorkshire Terrier

To name another small yet long-living  breed, you can mention the name of Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie(nickname). It is one of the  longest living dog breeds that lives for fourteen to seventeen years. They are small in size, yet these tiny species are lively, and curious. They prove to be  good watch dogs because they bark a lot if they come across a stranger. Also, Yorkies come in teacup sizes and these are called ‘Teacup Yorkie’. It weighs two to four pounds on average.

Shih Tzu

Top 7 Dog Breeds that Live the Longest

A friendly and adaptable pet that requires short daily playtime and walks. The long coat of Shih Tzu requires regular brushing or otherwise needs to be clipped . The average lifespan of the dog remains between ten to sixteen years. The eleven inches dog is a healthy one but  it is prone to orthopedic issues.


Among all the longest living dog breeds,  Maltese is typically an exceptional species. It continues to live for twelve to fifteen years. This  nine inches long dog that weighs  seven pounds requires just affection and good company. Otherwise, if left alone for several years, they can suffer from ‘separation anxiety.’This  beautiful dog has  alert eyes, and the silky white coat that makes  it look great.

The Pomeranians

Pomeranians are one of the fluffy little longest living dog breeds. This playful breed is extremely loyal to families. They get a little bossy when any other breed is around and remain alert to their  surroundings. To protect their families, they may bark when they hear noises from outside. Consistent training can transform  this  seven inches and seven pounds dog into great family pets. Your double coated cuddly pet is available in different vibrant colors such as chocolate, orange, and red.

Final Thoughts

What types of breeds are not preferable as companions for a longer time? Indeed, the size and type of breed matters a lot in estimating the average lifespan of a dog. The saying goes like  that the larger the dogs, the shorter the lifespan.

If you were finding it difficult to choose the longest living dog breeds, hopefully this guide would be immensely helpful to choose the best one. This specified information will simplify your task in selecting the right family pet who will accompany you for the longest time.

It is better to recognize the individual choices and choose a pet sustaining for more than fifteen years. You can create a special bond with your lovely pooch if they survive long years.There are other factors responsible for ensuring you have the  longest living dog. The  crucial measures to maximize lifespan of small breeds are  qualitative care including monitoring for high-quality diet, healthy exercise, and healthy weight are essential.

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