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A business model is very flexible, which means that it can change depending on trends and people’s mindsets at the time. For example, entertainment nowadays has become much more popular online. As a result, many companies have established streaming services.

Surprisingly, sports companies have noticed this trend and launched hundreds of streaming services as well, especially truc tiep bong da service. This article has made a list of the top 9 best football streaming startups.

Top 8 Best Live Football Streaming Startups

1. FuboTV

FuboTV is a streaming service that consists primarily of sports channels. The contents that FuboTV provides are live sport streams, news channels, and TV shows and movies.

FuboTV was first established in 2015 by David Glandler. It was originally a monthly subscription service that focused on soccer live streams. However, later on, Fubo decided to branch off onto other forms of entertainment as well.

Nowadays, it is one of the biggest streaming platforms with 590,000 subscriptions, despite only being available in America. One of the reasons that make FuboTV ดูหนังออนไลน์ is that Fubo is a multi-platform service, which means you can get it on any of your devices.

2. FloSport

FloSport is an OTT streaming media, meaning that it offers service directly to its users through the Internet. It was founded by two brothers Mark and Martin Floreani, who decided to build a sports streaming platform. As a result, FloSports was set up, but it has to struggle financially up until 2019.

FloSports provides not only live streams but also documentaries with commentaries and analyses of players. Moreover, through in-depth investigations, we can assure you that FloSport is a legit site that users can safely access.

3. Whistle

Whistle, previously known as Whistle Sports Network, belongs to Eleven-a worldwide media company. Besides broadcasting live streams of sports events, Whistle also hosts shows, creates podcasts and music.

It aims to develop sport-related content that is suitable and enjoyable for viewers in today’s society. Their goal has certainly succeeded because, since 2014, Whistle has gotten more than 4,2 billion views worldwide and 2,4 in America alone.

Moreover, its income ranges from 10 to 50 million annually, proving that it has become very successful.

4. Fox Sports

Fox Sports has become very popular mainly for its brand. Fox Sport can bring you various forms of sports entertainment such as live scores and stats, commentaries, highlights.

It was set up in 1994 due to the growing demand for sports in the media. From then on, it has brought a lot of attention and eventually become one of the most well-known brands internationally.

Because of its popularity, Fox Sport has gained more than 5,5 million views monthly and earned around 330,000 yearly. As for their website, its interface is quite appealing and very easy to navigate. The middle of their homepage consists mainly of daily sports news: soccer news, MLB, NFL, NBA news ..

Clicking on one of the categories located on the home page, for example, the NBA basketball, will send you to the basketball homepage. Here, you will get information about future games, schedules, predictions, player stats, and many more.

Moreover, if you want to get more information on their favorite players, there is a Rumors and Gossips section for you.


FITE is a streaming platform that provides high-quality sports events live streams. Originally, it only had contents of combat sports such as boxing and wrestling.

But later on, FITE adapted to other sports such as soccer and basketball. It is supported on various platforms like phones, tablets, computers, and the Xbox One.

Viewers can use FITE for free or get access to more content through pay-per-view.

6. PlayOn Sport

PlayOn Sport is a media company that broadcasts high school sports programs, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, ice hockey, and more.

PlayOn Sport consists of six other divisions, each organizing and broadcasting live high school sports events onto the Internet. It also provides schools assets needed to produce professional sports events online.

PlayOn Sport covers graduations and award ceremonies as well. Many teachers prefer the organization because it gives their students the experiences necessary for their future careers.

7. MyCujoo

MyCujoo is a sport live stream website that is also owned by Eleven, with the purpose of broadcasting live football matches and sporting events. Pedro and João Presa were the founders of this brand in 2015.

Aside from creating live sport streams, MyCujoo provides service to individuals who want to broadcast their own sport content. If you wish to record your content, you only need a cellphone with Cujoo to broadcast live sports streams.

According to calculations, until 2017, MyCujoo has gained roughly 40 million viewers. Moreover, by the end of 2018, MyCujoo has been recognized by Financial Times as the top 100 most successful websites in Europe.

The title has made it even more popular, helping MyCujoo reach 19 million annual income.

8. LiveClips

LiveClips is a mobile app that automatically creates high-quality clips and highlights of sports events.

You can easily find any clips of your favorite teams because Live Clips has a filter feature that lets you find highlights sorted by teams, events, etc.

Final Words

That concludes our list of the most popular streaming platforms. As you can see, sports is no longer an outdoor-only activity anymore. Now, you can enjoy watching sports anywhere you want thanks to the internet.

Even if you are not a big fan of the sport, taking notice of how industries change over time is very interesting. That is why we hope that you have gained a deeper view of the sports industry through this article.

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