Top 8 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Table Lamp

A table lamp is an essential component within a study table and the entire space where it is located. Although not many people spend much time choosing a table lamp for their study tables or study rooms. That is unfortunate, and quite often, many of them end up with products that do not fit their needs or their space. 

With the Internet as your resource, this mistake can definitely be avoided. Anyone can choose the perfect table lamp for their rooms by spending only a few minutes of your time. Not only does it help you to get the right product that fits your need, but you also get the best value for your money and a table lamp that actually enhances the overall look and feel of the space. There are various features, varieties, and designs available in the market right now if you want to buy a table lamp. You can click here to check them out. 

Although, there are a few important things that one must keep in mind when choosing a table lamp. It is definitely a simple and affordable lighting device, but there are certain mistakes that you must avoid when buying a table lamp. Let us take a look at them now! In the next part of this article, we have discussed 8 of such prevalent mistakes that you must avoid when choosing a table lamp for yourself. 

  • Wrong height of table lamp

By a general rule, the combined height of your table and the table lamp must not exceed 58 to 64 inches. Although, there can be exceptions. No matter what the case is, choosing an incorrect height for a table lamp is a big blunder, and it can make it difficult to use, which defeats the entire purpose of the device. 

The rule mentioned above goes for all kinds of table lamps, floor lamps, and buffet lamps in a room.  It is perfect for maximum utility and also gives the entire space a more cohesive appeal.

  • Wrong shape and size of the lamp

This would also depend upon the size of your table. . A big and heavy table can perfectly fit a large and visually heavy table lamp while a slim or thin table would be more suited for a lighter and delicate table lamp.

Typically, the table lamp should not be more than 1 ½ times the height of the table. 

  • Lightweight table lamps are not suitable if you have pets and children around 

It goes without saying that the inhabitants of the space also decide what table lamp is suitable. A lightweight table lamp is appropriate for less active areas in a property. A heavier lamp will be a much more stable and safe option if you have children or pets. 

  • Going for an item with the wrong or too many colors

You do not need too many colors on your table lamp. The essential white light would suffice and preferably a reading light with a more yellow tint. 

  • Absurdly contrasted metals

Combined metals definitely look good on table lamps. Make sure the two metals combined actually complement each other and are not an absurd combination of two contrasts. 

  • Not using other lamps 

Making table lamps as the only lighting fixtures for your home is another terrible blunder. You cannot do it. The ideal lighting combination is a mix of general, task, and accent lighting.

  • Trying to match lamp styles

It is not necessary, and you do not have to do this one as well. There’s no need to find matching lamps. Random lamp styles with something familiar in them like shape, shade, color, or finish can also be perfect. 

  • Wrong lampshade

Along with the table lamp, make sure you choose a fitting and appropriate lampshade, or all of it goes to vain. 

Final Words

Last but not least, there are many suppliers of table lamps. Make sure you choose a reliable and certified one that offers genuine and quality products at reliable prices. It’s a bonus point you need to remember when buying a table lamp! 

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