Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant

Hair loss often leads to loss of confidence and self-worth. Even though there are several expensive brands of hair oil, shampoos and other hair care products available, they hardly work the many wonders they claim. 

But there is one medical treatment that can provide an effective solution to the problem of hair loss. It can regrow hair in your scalp and help you regain your lost territory. 

Enriched Platelet treatment or Hair Therapy is the most advanced, scientifically approved modern hair loss treatment in Melbourne. This treatment works by administering healthy platelets into the bald region of the scalp to facilitate the regrowth of hair. 

What is Hair Therapy?

Enriched platelet treatment or hair therapy is one of the most innovative and secure treatments for the condition called alopecia, as it has demonstrated better therapeutic efficacy in the regeneration of hair mass in the bald regions of the scalp.

In this procedure, the enriched substances called platelet growth factors are isolated and extracted from the patient’s own blood. These enriched substances can effectively stimulate and accelerate tissue regeneration, which leads to hair growth.

Hair Loss treatment Melbourne

Enriched platelet treatment is the most modern and innovative treatment method for hair loss. Hair therapy for hair loss treatment Melbourne is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure in which healthy platelets sourced from the blood sample of the patient are injected into the bald areas of the scalp. It is considered to be one of the best and the most effective ways to treat any type of hair loss.

What is Enriched platelet treatment?

Hair Therapy or Enriched platelet treatment, is a novel treatment that helps to segregate and use enriching substances present in the blood platelets of the patient, called platelet growth factors. These enriching growth factors can effectively stimulate and accelerate tissue growth, which results in the growth of hair in the bald regions of the scalp.

The biostimulation of the skin tissues results in the formation of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. All this increases the vascularization in the hair follicle, which leads to follicular regeneration in patients with moderate hair loss.

In hair therapy, plasma enriched growth factors are administered into the scalp skin with the help of microinjections. 

To obtain this plasma, small samples of blood are taken from the patient. Then, the plasma fractions are segregated by a properly controlled centrifugation process.

The enriched plasma is injected into the top layer of the skin to stimulate cell regeneration. The use of very fine needles makes the procedure painless.

After the completion of treatment, the patient can go back to their normal daily routine almost immediately.

Is hair therapy effective?

Let us check the image below for hair loss treatment in Melbourne.

To the left is the image of the scalp of the patient before the treatment. As you can see, there is considerable thinning of hair and the scalp is clearly visible. 

The image to the right was taken one month after the successful completion of three successive enriched platelet treatment sessions. You can notice considerable regrowth of hair in the scalp.

The hair is much stronger and thicker. 

The hair growth is uniform across the scalp covering most of the bald regions. 

Hair regrowth doesn’t just enhance the look of your scalp but also improves your overall aesthetic appearance. 

Your hair makes you look much younger. It has a psychological impact as well. You feel good and more confident about yourself. 

As you can find out from the image above, hair theory has proved to be effective in hair regrowth in the scalp. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that hair therapy aids in growing new hair in the bald region.

You’ll experience an increase in the thickness of the existing hair, plus an increase in the quantity of hair on the scalp. 

The results are progressive and reach the maximum after one month of every treatment session. With each treatment session, the results become more visible and noticeable.

When can you notice the positive effects of treatment?

As the hair grows through cycles you need to be patient and wait for the first one to pass. You will begin to notice new hair growing on your scalp 1 month after the treatment. The new hair will become very significant after a period of 4 months. You will also notice considerable and thickening of the existing hair follicle.

The downtime for the treatment is very minimal. You can go back to doing your normal routine almost immediately after the procedure. There could be slight redness on the scalp due to the procedure, but it is temporary and usually heals after a few days. However, it’s recommended that you take special care of your scalp and rest for the first 24 hours post the treatment to allow the treatment to work. 

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