Top Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe and Comfortable in the Car

As a pet owner, you’ll inevitably have to take your dog in the car at some point. While some pups might love a car ride, others might have car anxiety, dreading the mere sight of your vehicle. In either case, it’s crucial to ensure your furry friend is not just comfortable while riding in the car but that they’re safe, too.

Anxiety and motion sickness are common complaints of pups as they ride in their pet parent’s backseat, but they aren’t the only ones. From a car crash to a hot car, there is an intimidating number of risks when you take your pup to the veterinarian or dog park. To lower the chance of these risks, a responsible dog owner will take precautions to keep the canine safe and comfortable, whether it’s a dose of CBD oil or a seat belt made for dogs.

Buckle Up Bella

You wouldn’t take your dog for a walk without their harness and leash, so why would you take them in the car without a seat belt? Besides making the best dog harness on the market, Joyride Harness makes the top rated dog seatbelt, too. Your large dog can have their seat belt hooked to their harness, while a small dog would be better suited to a car seat.

A seat belt or car seat keeps your pup from roaming around the car or bolting out the open window. Just as importantly, though, it allows you to drive safely without your furry friend jumping over the center console and distracting you. This way, your dog seat belt or canine car seat protects you both. It’s worth noting, though, that this seatbelt should only be attached to a harness, not a collar. Otherwise, your pooch will face a choking hazard, which is hardly conducive to your dog’s health.

Calm Cooper

Another aspect of canine car safety is calming their nerves and anxieties. Before attempting a long-distance move or your puppy’s first car ride, talk to your vet about whether cannabidiol (CBD) or another supplement might be a good fit for your fur baby. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant along with hemp or terpenes, but, unlike marijuana, it doesn’t contain THC, the component that causes a high. The best CBD oil for dogs will depend, in part, on your particular pup. CBD, whether straight CBD oil or another CBD product, comes in a variety of forms, flavors, potencies, and dosages.

Consult your veterinarian to find out how much CBD and what strength is safe for your pet. Then, try a few varieties to determine which type of CBD your dog prefers, whether that’s a tincture, chews, and treats, or straight CBD oil. Alternatively, your vet might recommend prescription medication for your pup’s fears, especially if his anxiety goes beyond the backseat.

Even if you opt for a natural supplement like CBD, be sure to talk to your veterinarian first—this way, you’ll avoid adverse side effects or interactions with other medications your pup might be prescribed. As a bonus, though your dog’s pre-car ride CBD dose can even ease any inflammation or chronic pain conditions they might deal with, like arthritis or Lyme disease.

Train Teddy

If you’re just starting your journey in pet safety as a brand-new dog owner, simple training is one of the most effective ways to make your dog more comfortable in the car. If your pup seems to be food-motivated, treat training can be an incredibly productive tool.

So, when your pup jumps into the back seat and lets you strap them into their seatbelt, give them a treat. Find a flavor they love, like peanut butter or bacon, and find a chew or jerky treat that you especially set aside for training sessions. You could even choose a CBD-infused treat to ease their anxiety while you train!

Chill Charlie

The heat of a parked car is an especially deadly risk of dogs riding in a car, but it’s one you can limit. First, of course, you can avoid leaving your dog alone in the car, especially in the summer months. When you do have your puppy in the car, be sure you turn on the AC or crack the window and observe your pup for signs of dehydration or heat exhaustion. Ensure their seatbelt is positioned so that they feel the coolest and comfortable, and take them to the safe comfort of home if they’re uncomfortable.

From choosing the best CBD oil to selecting a quality seat belt and dog harness, there are many steps a dog owner can take to prioritize pet safety in the car. No matter the size of your dog, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll keep your dog safe and happy, whether you’re heading to the vet or for a puppy playdate.

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