Top waterproof Marine Radio in 2021

If you own a sailing boat, you must know how important it is to be constantly aware and for this marine radio is an essential part of the boat journey. The marine radio helps you stay updated with weather conditions, stay in contact with other boats and keep an eye on alarming situations on the water all the time. However, the requirement of the radio is not the same for everyone despite the fact if they are operating the same boats with the same needs as taste and preferences vary from person to person. However, you can get the desired one by considering the designs and potential factors offered from one radio model to the other.

The marine radio system has to tolerate a lot of weather exploitation starting from sunlight to light rain to extreme temperature. Considering the fact that your gear has to deal with adverse environmental conditions, you need specially designed gear to withstand weather effects and a fusion marine audio system will be a good choice to stand up to environmental factors especially the water.

Investing in the top waterproof marine radio in 2021 is a wiser step towards safety and we hope you do not regret not having it in the worst scenario. Having lifesaving equipment and marine radio is the practical way to ensure safety but keeping in mind the irregular conditions of weather make it difficult sometimes to have the right type of radio that matches the requirement of the situation and the balance of affordability and performance. Having said that, it is suggested to invest in fusion marine radio to withstand the worst-case scenario.

What Features Make a Top Marine Radio?

To make life easier, here we have come up with core features that a top marine radio must have that will make your marine radio selection easier:


It is obvious that your boat will be always encircled with water no matter if it is in the open sea or on the marina. However, it is important to note that this equipment will remain in constant contact with water and you have to be very particular about this feature while buying a radio for your boat. Fusion marine radio is one of the top waterproof marine radio in 2021 that can resist water splashes and rain and offer you durability and high performance all in one.

UV Protection

Your dashboard is mostly exposed to the sun which can damage the music system of your boat seriously. This is the reason you should invest in the fusion marine stereo which is specially designed with UV protection materials.

Sound Quality

The noise of sea waves, engines, and wind can interrupt your sound and prevent you from hearing some important alert or weather forecasts. Therefore, you should consider fusion marine audio to drown out these noises and provide you with clear and accurate sound. There are many options for the marine stereos that have a built-in amplifier and are quite good which are suitable for the common sailors who are not much concerned about the high sound quality. However, if you are not among them and want your sound system to be very powerful that produce quality and loud sound then you should invest in the external amplifier.


A premium feature that helps you to communicate and coordinate with other boats who want to stay connected with you. It is also included in the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System). All you need to do is to press one button and your message will be circulated among the directed channels automatically which eliminates the error and makes the delivery and response faster.

 Things to Consider While Choosing your Marine Radio

Battery Power

The source of your power is an important matter to consider. The power supply for very high-frequency radios is done through the battery of the boat, so your radio will keep working until your boat battery has power, it is the only limit. However, if your boat’s battery fails then your radio will automatically stopover but it takes a long time to consume marine batteries. Hence, it is suggested to always keep an extra hand-held radio in the boat for emergency backup.


Having GPS in your radio will offer you the facility of direction mapping and correct broadcasting of position. The collaboration of both DSC and GPS will provide accurate direction to the CG for finding you in time of emergency. In other situations, you can easily communicate with others by sending our messages and can also save your position for future orientation.


An antenna is an important part of all marine radios as it determines the range of competencies of your radio. This is the reason, the larger antennas and the ones that are towered as higher as possible show good performance and are very powerful. Moreover, to connect the radio with the antenna, you will need a large wheedle cable. However, the handheld radios have a built-in antenna which makes them have low signal range capacity as compared to the fixed ones.


If you are found with hand-held radios then make sure the design has a strong grip and non-smooth surface to avoid accidental slips or drops. Although, for fixed radio, you can go for the attractive design because it will be fixed in your boat permanently. You also have the option of colors to complement the interior of your boat with what you like. The design of your radio should have a large and easy-to-read display with light mode for the use of day and night.


If you wish to have a large audio system then you should consider a marine receiver that has many sets of preamplifier outputs. This will allow you to link and control the subwoofer and external amplifier along the way while creating your grand marine audio system. Most of the marine radios come with wired remote controls that will allow you to place the radio in the waterproof cubicle. Moreover, it will also provide you the benefit of having control over the playlist.

Final Suggestion

There is a large range of high-quality and durable marine radios in the market that can be a good solution for you. But before you jump into buying any one of them make sure you do a comparative study keeping your requirements and affordability in mind. This will let you select the one that is best for you.

Having said that, we found fusion marine audio and fusion marine stereo in the top list of marine radios 2021 and it is something we would like to suggest to you for a wonderful experience. To buy them you can visit Marine Tech for easy shopping. In the end, do your research because the choice is all yours.

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