Tour the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Are you looking for the best place in Southern Carolina to stroll the sheltered dunes, enjoy the natural beauty of the Atlantic, or breathe the salt water? Don’t visit any location other than the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.

In this article, you’ll see some of the reasons we recommend the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.

Overview of Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Myrtle Beach Promenade opened in May 2009, is a welcoming place for thousands of locals and tourists looking to stroll the sheltered dunes, enjoy the natural beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, or breathe the salty air. The promenade is open 24/7 and every visitor can enjoy the cool sea breezes and beautiful blue waters. No matter where you are, you can always find things to do in Myrtle Beach.

The location

The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is approximately 1.2 miles in size and stretches along the ocean boulevard in downtown Myrtle Beach. you can see the raised boardwalk from 1st Avenue North to 14th Avenue North.


The promenade is unique for what it has to offer visitors.

  • Unique resting benches

The first unique thing about this boardwalk are the numerous resting benches where visitors sit, relax, and even take photos of the adjacent oceanic scene.

The promenade is easily accessible from all seaside hotels and motels. You can walk from either Second Avenue Pier or Fourteenth Avenue Pier.

  • Vendor area

There is also a vendor area in the center where visitors can buy souvenirs and beach accessories, and even quench their thirst with available restaurants.

All of the restaurants in the middle of this promenade have outdoor tables and chairs to sit at and satisfy your hunger.

The chairs and table are well positioned so visitors can eat, drink and still enjoy the seascape. In this area you can also take part in and enjoy the events of the hot summer concert.

  • The Bowery

A symbol of the neighborhood, The Bowery, where the nation’s first super bunch was long the house band, is just half a square from the boardwalk. Another fundamental Myrtle Beach fascination, Ripley’s Believe or Not, is around the corner from The Bowery.

  • Accessible Toilets

Guests with children in strollers or those with a bicycle seat can track down the smooth wooden promenade as easily as possible. The toilets are accessible along the route and are stamped. Each encounter street has a significant market so you can generally tell where you are along the promenade course.

  • Pet friendly

Are you worried about your pet? The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is without question pet friendly. From Labor Day until May 1st, dogs are allowed at any time, provided they are on a chain. Though, there are some guides that dictate at what time the pets are allowed.

  • Top ranked

The National Geographic Magazine, has ranked this boardwalk as the number three best boardwalks.

The Today Show staff positioned it at the second place behind the world famous Coney Island Boardwalk.


There is no doubt that this is a boardwalk to visit and have the serenity that you have been looking for on the beach.

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