Trends in Roofing for 2022 and Beyond

Here are some of the top trends in roofing at the moment. These are countrywide trends, but obviously, the choices made by you, or your architect must be based on your local context, building regulations, and predominant weather in the area. Current technology has developed incredibly fast over the last few years, and some of those mentioned herein may have been previous trends, but they have been updated and modernized with more options available than ever before.

Metal Roofing

Having been proven in the warehousing and industrial sector, the metal residential roofing market has seen increased growth which is expected to continue well into 2023. It’s been used before, but it’s coming back in a big way for 2022 and beyond. It is a long-lasting material and goes a long way towards protecting the home from UV rays. Metal provides great insulation and will do well to assist you in maintaining constant temperatures in both winter and summer. Numerous colors are available, and metal can be used to mimic most materials yet will outlast them all. The best roofing company in Michigan also advises matching the siding with the same metal you use on your roof.

Integrated Solar Panels

Roofing panels are now available, with the solar panel integrated into the panel itself. This means that there is no need to then add solar panels. Whether its solar shingles or larger solar sheeting, this is a popular option and one that is both long-lasting and incredibly modern and aesthetically pleasing. It has been touted as a ‘plug and plays’ set up, with the possibility of smart control and monitoring through mobile devices.

Lighter Roofs

To aid with reflection, roofs have moved away from the dark greys and charcoals and are now being seen throughout the nation in light beiges and dove greys; wood is left untinted and naturally weathered, and lighter shingles are being preferred to the darker choices available.

Both lighter colors and lighter weights are trends that have peaked recently, and modern technology is allowing this to happen.

Synthetic Products

Technology and improvement in production techniques have meant that more products for roofing are available than before. For example, stronger, longer-lasting polyurethane products are now being used to mirror wooden shingles that will not rot, mold, split, warp or fade.

Living Roofs

It is a type of roofing generally reserved for the cabins in the Huron mountains, but it is a trend that has come to the suburbs and the surrounding countryside. Covering a roof with a less than 45-degree slant with a good drainage substrate, gravel, soil and the planting this with local/indigenous grasses or moss allows for a natural surface.

Silicone Roofing

This has become more popular with roofing repairs able to be sprayed on simply. You can create a durable and impenetrable cover for your roof with silicone coatings or any color and thickness.

Your roof is a critical part of your homes structural design as well as being functional it also plays a key role in the appearance of the home. If you are from Bucks County, Mighty Dog Roofing Bucks County is here for you for your roofing needs.

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