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Trends in art schools come and go as they have been throughout ages, much like our preferences for cuisine, home design, and styling do. Art is continuously reinventing itself, and the pursuit of uniqueness and originality is central to its creative expression. Trends are like art revolutions that keep on fluctuating on a regular basis. However, unlike an impressionist movement that is driven by ideas, trends in art often seem to be primarily consumer-driven. There are different types of art developed across the world, and everybody has their own interests and inclination when it pertains to art. Buyers, auction houses, and museums, on the other hand, frequently determine which form of art is more likely to become a prominent trend.

Over the past couple of years, millennia’s preference for experiences over goods has fostered the desire for interactive experiential art, which has increased the success of artists all over the world in that genre. Students wishing to pursue a career in art must explore art schools in London as 2022 will be an interesting year for the art industry, with advancements in digitalization technologies continuing from the past two years. The demand for crypto artwork will certainly continue to rise. However, realistic in-person encounters and other aesthetic trends may fade in the post-pandemic environment. Here are some top art trends expected to make a splash in 2022:

  • Virtual Art Exhibitions: The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the progression of virtual art. Due to this, digital art events have evolved and grown more complex, permitting artists to access larger global consumers even during a time when most people are unable to travel.
  • Design of 3D Motion Graphics: 3D art and motion graphics are also on the rise as technological advances allow us to appreciate art from the comfort of our own homes. However, digital art isn’t restricted to the screen of your laptop or mobile. Artists such as Vadim Soloviov are creating digital outdoor venues employing 3D motion graphics in an external context, ushering in a new vision of contemporary art.
  • Crypto Art: Crypto art is becoming extremely prevalent in the digital realm. With record-breaking revenues and increasing acceptance of NFTs, 2021 was a milestone era for crypto artists. The appeal of crypto art is expected to skyrocket in 2022 as established artists finally start to embrace this genre.
  • Street art: For the last decade, street art has indeed been prominent, with many street painters gaining mainstream identities, including Banksy, Eduardo Kobra, and Alec Monopoly. The Covid-19 crisis and political instability of recent years have further strengthened the prominence and relevance of street art as a voice of the majority.
  • Appreciation for Nature: Although many 2022 art trends focus exclusively on advanced technologies, there is a counter-trend towards nature-inspired art. Nature is also a potent symbol in art as a means of escaping the constraints of the industrial urban lifestyle. Artists attempt to communicate with nature and provide consumers with a much-needed escape from the restrictions of their living spaces. Several artists use natural themes as a reflection on the global climate problem and use their work to express the climate battle.
  • Contemporary African Art: Trends in art have most often centered on certain geographical areas. Europe was the hub of creativity for ages, accompanied by America and Asia. Now is the opportunity for African art to flourish. Modern African artists use digital tools to connect with the global customer base and display the talent and originality that African art has to provide.

So, if you are interested in pursuing a career in art, then you must start by enrolling in an art school!

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