Trendy Cocktail Dresses 2022

What is a cocktail dress? It’s a light, airy party dress, seductive and chic, slightly frivolous and beautiful! Cocktail dresses are perfect for formal dinners and night parties. The stylish dress fits any figure and emphasizes the dignity of the entire design.

What is the difference between an evening dress and a cocktail party gown?

In the classic offer, a cocktail party dress is a short evening dress without a collar and sleeves. Note that having a cocktail dress in your wardrobe is very useful – you can wear it daily. For example, throw a stylish jacket on, and the new stunning outfit is ready.

Types Of Cocktail Dresses

All dresses can be divided into three categories according to European, Latin American, and retro styles.

  • European party dress is distinguished by various styles, fabrics, and finishes.
  • Latin American design is easy to recognize – they usually have a bodice with thin straps and a wide skirt with frills.
  • Retro style is usually a pleated skirt, trendy in the 60s and 70s.

Classic Cocktail Dress

Do you have a little black dress, the one that should be in every woman’s wardrobe? So, these party wear dresses are elegant, black and strict, neat, without excess, and with a shallow semicircular neckline. The first cocktail was a charming dress created by Coco Chanel in 1926.

The little-black-dress style is still relevant today, but the design of the dress has changed. A traditional cocktail dress should be “balanced”: with one area open, the other should remain closed. However, modern cocktail dresses you can buy in the Milla store, a new and perspective beginning of Milla Nova, go beyond tradition. They can be colored and decorated with various prints and textures with shipping over the USA and worldwide.

How To Choose A Cocktail Party Dress?

Before buying a fancy cocktail dress for a special occasion, you must choose the ideal option for your figure. Any option is suitable for tiny ladies, for example, a unique mini dress of your eye color.

To hide wide hips, choose designer party wear dresses with flowing hems. Puffy skirts will mask the lack of volume. Romantic cocktail dresses in the Babydoll style will hide the wide waist and are always available on the market.

As for the color, it’s great to find a classic black dress. Milla designers are convinced that the primary trend is the richness of colors and saturation of tones. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment!

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