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Bitcoin dropped more than 4% on Friday after Turkey’s commercial banks banned the use of cryptocurrencies and crypto tools for transfers, citing the prospect of “irreversible” damage and trade threats. The central bank stated in a multi-year deal in the Gazette Notification that cryptocurrency or other digital products built on distributed ledgers will not be used to purchase products or services, either explicitly or directly.

The step could bring an end to Turkey’s crypto community, which has exploded in popularity in recent days as investors thronged to bitcoin to hedge against the lira’s depreciation and massive inflation, which topped 16 percent last month. Following the injunction, which Turkey’s largest political group criticized, Bitcoin became falling 4.6 percent at $60,333 at 1117 GMT. Smaller coins like Ethereum and XRP, which appear to travel in lockstep with bitcoin, dropped about 6% and 12%, and the major company said in a statement that cryptocurrency exchanges are “neither responsive to any oversight and surveillance frameworks nor a specific regulatory body,” among other safety concerns.

Financial service companies would not be willing to establish business models under which benefits the user is used explicitly or implicitly in the distribution of banking services and electronic currency distribution,” according to the statement, and will not offer such services. “Their usage of transfers can result in quasi damages for the party to the transfers… and include features that weaken trust in existing payment methods and techniques,” the federal reserve said.

Royal Motors, the Turkish dealer of Drops, like Lotus engines, would become the world’s largest first firm to accept payment methods this week. Businesses like Tesla Inc’s online booking Prospective Payment Inc accept blockchain as a means of payment, despite the reality that it has become a more ubiquitous global product.

Huge regulatory clampdowns on cryptocurrencies have been rare, with most jurisdictions choosing to justify their legislation rather than explicitly banning it. Such prohibitions, according to traders, are difficult to impose, and the price of bitcoin has previously brushed them off.

Turkey’s major opposition party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, characterized the move as “noon intimidation,” reacting to President Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to charge the banking system director last month, which was declared in a late-night declaration. On Twitter, he wrote, “It’s as, but they’ll have to do stupid things at night and on April 30th, the new law will go into force.

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According to information from US analyst, Chainalysis analyzed by Reuters, crypto exchange levels in Turkey reached 218 billion lire ($27 billion) from early April to March 24th, up out of just about 7 billion lire in just the same timeframe a year ago. The lira dropped by much more than 15% in the days following Erdogan’s replacement of the bank president, and Turkish regulators requested consumer details from cryptocurrency exchange sites last week.

According to economics Ugur Gurses, “any country who starts ruling (the economy) with a prohibition will be frustrated (because this encourages fintech firms to move abroad). “India will introduce a moratorium on cryptocurrency and sanctions on anyone who trades or possess the property, in what will become one of the most stringent policies in the country. In 2017, China outlawed such trade, effectively putting a stop to a burgeoning cryptocurrency market.

“At this stage, reports like this appear to send a bolt through the bows,” said Joseph Edwards, heads of analysis at London-based crypto consultancy Enigma Security, adding that similar legislative changes in Nigeria as well as India “didn’t quite pass the cursor.” According to Ahmed Faruk Karsli, CEO of Turkish digital payments company Paparo, the ban on moving money to cryptocurrencies platforms through financial services was unforeseen.

He advised Ekoturk TV that “it is much simpler to opt to prohibit than to make an effort to cope with this venture capital.” “This is a law to make me worried about the future of my government.”

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