Turn your house into a floral paradise with these beautiful blooms

Flowers have always been admired for the variety of uses that they have, for the variety of purposes that they serve in our lives whether it is a birthday party or religious ceremony. flowers can always find their place in our celebrations. You must have expressed your affection for your loved ones through online flower delivery to Pune. However, instead of giving flowers to other people. we shall give flowers to ourselves too. After all, we too deserve the happiness and positivity that flowers bring along with them. so instead of buying flowers frequently, you can grow flowers in your house and around it in order to turn your house into a floral Paradise which has a bunch of beautiful blooms to provide relief to you. The beauty of flowers is such that no one can ever be sad or disappointed around them. so if you want to make your life cheerful. you must surely get some of these flowers which are listed below.


Widely popular as beautiful house plants, the begonias can be found in more than 1000 varieties of species that grow in asymmetrical and patterned foliage. These flowers bloom in a variety of vibrant shades of yellow, orange, pink, white, red. Their leaves may be dark green or burgundy. the flowers may grow as single, double or ruffled blooms.


Roses are a popular flower as they are liked by all. During Valentine season, people order Red Roses online. roses are used for wedding ceremonies as well and they find their usage in religious activities too. The beautiful blooms of rose and their variants are used by each one of us so it would be a nice idea to grow them in your garden. you can grow a rose from its cutting and decorate your floral Paradise with each variety of Rose whether pink, white, yellow, red, or even black.

Canna lilies

These tropical-looking blossoms would add lush foliage and hues to your garden. These flowers start blooming in the summer. so spring would be the perfect time to plant them in order to receive beautiful blooms in your garden. The rich variety of colours of canna lilies includes blood red, pale yellow, orange and pink. They grow well in the temperate climate and require six to eight hours of Sunlight.

Birds of paradise

Popularly known as the birds of Paradise, the Strelitzia or the crane flower is a must for your garden. This tropical flower is made of three blue petals and three bright Orange Petals which are merged together to form a single bud. As the flowers start blooming and the petal starts to open the overall look of the flower is embers to that of a bird that is ready to take flight. These flowers would add a touch of magnificence to your garden.


You would always find a house whose walls are loaded with a bunch of Magenta, white, or yellow coloured tissue-like flowers. These flowers usually have three petals. This flower is none other than the popular trailing vine of the bougainvillaeas that grow all throughout the year and spread rapidly. you can decorate the fence of your balcony or terrace or the walls of the outer boundaries of your house using the bougainvillaea as they provide a beautiful look to the house.

Morning glories

If you want your floral Paradise to be loaded with floral delights throughout the year. you must choose certain plants that give flowers throughout the year. one such plant would be morning glory. By adding them into your floral paradise you can be assured of having pink, white, purple, blue and red flowers in your house throughout the year. Some other flowers that continue to bloom throughout the year are Hibiscus, Lantana, Jasmine, Crossandra, Adenium, Snapdragons, Ixora, kalanchoes, English Ivy, Christ plant, princess flower, golden trumpet, butterfly pea, Verbena and Periwinkle.

Now that you have come across such fascinating varieties of flowers for your garden. you may order flowers online and get them for your house. Hurry up, get your favourite blooms at your doorstep and spend your time along with these beauties.

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