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One-to-one lessons on the computer – Remote tutoring & Distance Learning

Our online tutoring for students is flexible one- to-one tuition with a personal tutor. Individually tailored to your needs, with professional specialists. The lesson times are completely flexible and can be changed at any time. Lessons take place via Skype with a headset and webcam and can take place on a computer, tablet or smartphone – that’s how it works.

All tasks are then processed online together with a trained tutor, such as GCSE chemistry tutor at StudyMind. This is not only effective, but also saves time. This type of student tutoring is particularly advantageous for students who, in addition to the university curriculum, have to pursue jobs, for example.

You can make individual appointments with your tutor and thus integrate the tutoring lesson perfectly into your own schedule. Tutoring is possible from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to midnight. Similar to a law or mathematics revision course, you can prepare for an exam in a targeted manner and learn flexibly all day and anywhere for the university.

Math tuition in the study group

Mathematics plays a central role in many courses of study, in more subject areas than some students would like. The online tutoring offers an alternative to learning and deepening the logical connections of mathematics for every level. Our tutors are trained to represent mathematical tasks virtually in a lesson and to work on them interactively with the students.

Among other things, we help with:

  • Algebra
  • Complex numbers
  • Multi-variable functions

In addition to technical content, our professional teachers also impart learning skills so that students can make rapid progress. Request a free consultation now from StudyMind.

One-to-one tuition for students from certified tutors

The tutoring for students from the StudyMInd is carried out by qualified, specially trained online tutors (e-tutors). These are not only trained for teaching, but also for the associated virtual requirements. All of our teachers are only admitted after a trial lesson. For the tutoring during the course, an exact preliminary diagnosis is made for each student in order to determine the necessary learning needs and on the basis of this to determine the right tutor for university learning. In order to offer you the best possible quality tuition at the university, you can of course easily change teachers as required. More information about our online tutors.

Tuition prices for students

The prices of online tutoring differ in two levels. On the one hand, there are topics that can be classified at a lower level, including above all the topics that are discussed in school lessons. On the other hand, we also offer challenging topics in online tutoring, which is many times more intensive in the preparation and follow-up of the topics for our teachers. This applies in particular to the learning content of a degree.

What technical requirements do I need, equipment or anything?

For online tutoring you need normal PC and Internet equipment as well as the free Skype software. The set-up effort is more than minimal, so you can start with the online tutoring at any time.

Skype online communication with headset and webcam

Hardware: normal PC and Internet equipment

Most modern laptops already have a microphone and webcam integrated. This already fulfills the basic functions for online tutoring.

  • Internet-capable computer
  • Integrated microphone or headset
  • Integrated or external webcam (optional)

What qualifications do the teachers have?

Through an extensive application process, we ensure that our tutors meet the highest quality standards. Every online tutor has to prove himself professionally and didactically in a technical discussion. In addition, when we train teachers, we ensure that they are very familiar with the study group learning concept and the individual support of students. All of our teachers have the appropriate technical background.

When can I start tutoring?

The tutoring can start after the individual consultation as soon as the most suitable teacher has been found for you from our professionally certified teachers.

The lesson times will be agreed with you individually.

Do I have to choose the online tutor myself?

No. We will hold a telephone consultation with you and will then look for a tutor who fits perfectly with the subject areas mentioned and the availability of times. When searching for a tutor, we will also take your individual wishes into account. If the chemistry between teacher and student is still not right, it is possible to change tutors at any time.

How can mathematical content such as formulas and the like be presented online?

With the help of the StudyMind online, especially for math and science, this is no problem. This works like a virtual board on which all learning content such as mathematical formulas, equations and much more can be displayed. Both teachers and students have access to the online.

Do I have the opportunity to test the tutoring for students without obligation?

Yes, that is possible. A free trial lesson can be arranged with the StudyMind at any time, regardless of the type of lesson. It is very important to us that you personally convince yourself of us and get an idea of ​​the advantages of our tutoring for students.

Economics & Engineering


There are also helpful learning videos on YouTube for the economists and engineers among you. On the “StudyHelpTV” channel there are vivid videos on areas such as mechanical engineering, business administration, economics, accounting and more.


On this interactive tutoring platform, you can take part in so-called webinars free of charge. To do this, you simply have to look at the “timetable”, register for a specific lecture and then attend a webinar online.

Are you stuck with a certain topic? On this website you can also buy learning packages for certain areas!

Law / jurisprudence


How about an audio book in between to relax your eyes from all the screen watching? The YouTube channel “Juratube” offers students ” Law to Hear “.

Armed with a piece of paper and pen, you can prick up your ears and listen to explanations on criminal law, civil law and the like.


Since the humanities include an unbelievable number of fields of study, we would like to refer you again to the “Online Lectures” website already presented above , on which there is a large selection of learning videos, especially for humanities scholars.

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