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Every day you can come across a lot of unique and funny videos posted by netizens around the world. Sometimes it makes you want to download those Instagram videos to share back with your friends on WhatsApp status for fun.

Unfortunately, on Instagram there is no download feature to save videos, although there is a save button, the video will only be stored in your Instagram account’s collection and not downloaded to your mobile device. OK.

So how to solve it? Don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss how to download Instagram Reels, IGTV, videos, photos online without a complete app.

How to download Instagram video online without an app

This first method is for any device like Android, iPhone, Laptop, and Computer. Using only the default browser like Chrome or other browsers already on the device, you can download Instagram videos directly without the app.

1. Find the video you want to download

Of course, the first step is that we need the video that we want to save before. If you have previously pressed the save button in the Instagram app, then all you have to do is go to IG account collection.

2. Copy Instagram video post URL

Second, copy the Instagram video post link on it by clicking on the three dots icon in the upper right corner and a pop-up will appear after that click Copy Link.

3. Go to the Instagram video download page

The third step is to access the Instagram video downloader using the default browser. If you search with the keyword Instagram downloader on google, you will find there are many providers of this service. But there are some that we often use and you can choose one of them. This is an Instagram video download page.

  • (recommend)

We offer a number of alternative sites so that if one of them goes down you can still use the others. In any case, we recommend using the SnapInsta website. Simply clicking on one of the links above will take you to the main page of the Instagram video download page.

4. Paste the Instagram video URL

On the SnapInsta page, you must enter the previously copied video URL in the “Paste Instagram URL” white box. You can paste the link by right-clicking and then paste, or for smartphone users, hold it for a few seconds in the form section, and then a pop-up will appear with the paste option. Or simply click the Paste button available on SnapInsta.App page (Only SnapInsta has this ultimate feature for users)

5. Download Instagram videos

Finally, tap the Download button and then wait a few seconds for the website to process the video. 

When it’s done, it will appear at the bottom with the words “Download Video”. Continue to click on that text then the video will automatically be saved to your device.

Done, the video has been saved on your smartphone device. Then you can reshare the video or post it on WhatsApp status. Mimin is usually like that, just for fun. Share interesting or funny content to be more precise.

How to download Instagram videos with the app

If you feel complicated with how to download without an app, calm down because you can try using an app to download videos.

The app we want to let you know is a free app on the Play Store. That way, this one method can only be done by Android smartphone users. For iPhone users, it’s almost the same thing.

The first app that Kumaha Mimin recommends is SnapInsta APK. This app makes it very easy for you to download Instagram videos with just one tap. The interface and usage of SnapInsta APK are similar to the Snapinsta website. If you are still wondering then follow the steps below.

  • Access the SnapInsta website with your phone on an Internet browser. There you will enter an offer at the bottom of the screen to download SnapInsta APK.
  • Tap that line and wait until the download is complete. The application will appear on your phone screen.
  • Then do the same as with using the website, you go directly to the Instagram application to find the video you want to save.
  • Then copy the Instagram video link you want to download.
  • Finally, reopen the SnapInsta APK app and immediately paste the video and then press download next to it.
  • Wait for the video to run and then select “download video” to finish downloading the video to your device.


Those are the 2 simplest and most practical ways to download videos on Instagram. You can do it with third-party support or directly without the app. Which method do you prefer?

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