Types of Buyers & Sellers in the Wholesale Market

Buyers and sellers are prerequisites in any kind of business. It is impossible to build a successful business without having proper knowledge about these factors.

There is always a different way to deal with various types of sellers and buyers. That’s why you need to know about their different types, especially in the wholesale market.

In this blog, we are precisely going to talk about the kinds of buyers and sellers in the wholesale business. So, without any further ado, let’s just get into it.

Types of Sellers 

In wholesale business, theyusually offer products in bulk.

Sellers here are classified into different types on the basis of their service, area, or specifications.

  • Manufacturers and Producers

Manufacturers and producers make products and then sell them to others. There is little difference between both. Manufacturers make products in the factory while the producers do not.


It is easy for them to sell finished goods in bulk quantities. This increases their profit margin but cuts the overhead cost. For them, it is not possible to make deals for a small number of products.

They are the most common type of seller in the wholesale market.

  • Pure Wholesalers

A pure wholesaler is the type of seller that buys products in large quantities from producers or manufacturers. Later on, they make deals with retailers.

They don’t have to deal with the complication of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, they save themselves from dealing with the general public.

Pure wholesalers can perform their duties more effectively. They are also sometimes called real wholesalers.

  • Agents Sellers 

Some businesses, instead of finding direct customers, hire agents. Apparently, these agents are sellers for the customers. They handle all the matters of sales on the behalf of a business.

On a successful deal, they receive a commission. For businesses, it is more profitable to hire agents as they can get more profits and without facing any difficulty.

  • Local and International Sellers

These wholesales are categorized on a location basis. Local sellers deal with local products. They find local manufactures and products, acquire products from them, and send them to retailers.

In the wholesale market, international sellers are also available. They deal with international brands or products then supply them in their country.

  • Specialized and General Sellers 

The sellers select a product line. Then deal with all the products that lie in this line. They deal in all kinds of brands and that’s why they are known as general wholesalers.

Specialized sellers are totally opposite to general sellers. They choose a particular product and make deals for that product only.

Types of Buyers

Buyers aren’t as complicated as sellers. In the wholesale marketplace, you will find two types of buyers. These are as follows:

  • Traders or Retailer

Retailers or treaders are businesses that buy the products from the wholesalers or agents. Their purpose for buying these products is to resell them to end consumers with higher prices.

There is no specific rule for them to buy a product from a particular party. They can contact manufacturers, producers, or agents to buy products.

  • Consumers

Consumers are also sometimes part of the wholesale market. The reason is that these consumers make deals through agents or businesses.


That is all about the buyers and sellers in the wholesale market. Now the next challenge is where to find them. We recommend signingup at an online wholesale marketplace.

That is the only place where you can find all types of wholesalers and buyers from aroundthe world. Furthermore, you can contact them without spending any money.

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