2021 SEO Checklist: Everything to Consider for Small Businesses

Content marketing is key to success in digital marketing. It is out of one of the most potent strategies that are used in current digital marketing. Content marketing is a practical approach to increase SEO ranking as it increases 3x more leads than traditional marketing techniques and costs 62% cheaper to implement. But the question arises, which type of content will help you increase organic traffic to a particular website?

Content marketing is very important for business promotion. This great post to read describes how to create a content marketing strategy for business.  Every displayed content is different; some help increase organic search traffic, revenue, and conversions, and some don’t. So, under this article, we will share different types of content marketing that help boost the SEO of your website.


Videos attract the audience promptly. It is a versatile way to create different content in the industry to engage the viewers and leave them wanting more. Website visitors are viewing more video content than earlier, making the video one of the best content marketing types to improve SEO and engage the target audience.


Including a blog on your website page that promotes your business and attracts potential customers is the popular way of content marketing for every business. Blog posts improve SEO and also support in creating a good relationship with your leads and current customers. 


E-books are a unique way to create your brand as a trustworthy voice in your industry. You need not publish an eBook equal to the novel’s length, but it should be longer than any other content type. You can include the option for customers to fill some forms; this will help you generate new leads by collecting information.


Infographics are used to educate an audience with a short attention span; it is a creative visual representation of data of particular products or information. Digital marketers use images, icons, graphs, and diagrams to provide information to visitors with infographics. Written data alone can not influence the audience, but infographics quickly speak to users.

Testimonials and customer reviews:  

Customer reviews are also a type of content marketing as these are the content that the customers directly create. SME businesses can be benefited by adding customer reviews on the webpage. It helps in understanding the customers in a short description of why the company stands out.


It is a new form of content marketing introduced in recent years and is performing well. It features images that have gone viral online or video clips from the movies and the captions that attract an audience. If a business can post a meme ideally and set it with their social aesthetic is the best way to increase traffic.

Wrapping up

SEO results are proven to be better with the help of all these content marketing techniques given above. By implementing them, your business website will have a better opportunity to reach the target audience and make long-term connections. But before submitting the content, make sure that it must be unique and should not match any other online content.

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