Types of moves

Moving is a part of our life that we have all been a part of at least once in our lives. When we move from one place to another it seems very hectic and difficult. We not only just prepare ourselves but also our belongings too for the move. But you must know that there are also different types of moves. In this article, you’ll understand different types of moves.

Local moves

Local moves are those moves that take place within the city or town where you live. Local moves don’t involve a lot of expenses and the moving time is relatively low. If you’re planning to move locally, then you have the edge of moving shorter distances in time. Local moves can be made using vans and trucks of your own. However, if the distance is too much it may be a good idea to hire a moving company that offers cheap local moves. Local moves don’t require so much preparation either. When you’re moving by yourself, it requires less work instead of hiring a moving company. You can save your money and time by making local moves on your own.

Intrastate moves

Intrastate moves are the types of moving that take place within one state. These can be very expensive because you’ll need to get permits for your goods to move across the borders of different states. But there’s no extra paperwork when making intrastate moves. When it comes to time, they don’t take up a lot of time depending on the distance. When you’re planning for an intrastate move, it’s a great idea to hire a moving company instead of making the moves on your own. Intrastate moves are very high when it comes to expenses. You can save your money by hiring a moving company for your intrastate move rather than making it on your own.

Interstate moves

Interstate movement of goods requires an extra amount of money and time when compared to local and intrastate moves. Interstate moving is done when you need to move from one state to another and it’s a long distance. This involves more paperwork that takes up a lot of your time too depending on the distance. These are the most expensive types of moves because you have to pay charges for transportation, travel time, and wages. This is the reason interstate movers are high when it comes to expenses. You can hire some of the best movers nationwide instead of making the move on your own if you’re looking forward to having an interstate move.

Intra-country moves

Intra-country moves are those types of moves that take place within the country you live in. The goods will pass through borders of different states to reach their destination and hence requires permits and paperwork for the same. These types of moving can be very time-consuming as compared to other types of moving. If you’re planning to make an intra-country move, it’s a good idea to hire an interstate mover instead of making the move on your own. Expenses can also be high depending on the distance that is traveled.

International moves

International moves involve moving from one country to another. When you’re making an international move, there’s a lot of paperwork and licenses that are involved in this kind of move. International moves take up more time and money than any other type of move mainly because they need transportation and travel time in addition to the charges for licenses, fees, and borders. The funds required for these expenses are high and therefore these types of moves aren’t very affordable. If you’re planning on making an international move then it’s a good idea to hire a moving company instead of doing the move by yourself.

Corporate moves

A corporate move is the term used when you’re moving your office. The main purpose of a corporate move is to get your business up and running again in another location. Corporate moves take time because certain things have to be disassembled or assembled before shipping them away or bringing them into the new office. A lot of money is involved too because you’ll need to hire a moving company to carry out the process of dismantling and assembling furniture and other equipment. Also, you’ll need to rent trucks and pay for travel expenses too.

Specialty moves

Specialty moves are the types of moves that involve fragile and expensive items like antiques, artworks, or musical instruments. You can’t trust just any moving company to handle your specialty items because they’re very sensitive and breakable. Most movers will damage these things and it’s a good idea to hire a moving company that specializes in these different items. Weight restrictions are higher on some types of specialty items and you’ll need to pay an extra amount for this too.


Types of moves are a very helpful resource when it comes to the planning stage. Hope this article will help you to understand how much time and money you’ll need for different types of moving depending on your needs.

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