Working from home has become a normal part of today’s life for many people. One unique way you can earn money is to sell crops you’ve grown in your own backyard. If you have a garden, you might as well use it to earn extra cash. While some plants grow well outside, others do better indoors. As long as you have some planters available, you can plant seeds by a window or under grow lights, and watch them thrive. Here are some of the most profitable crops you can grow from home.


One of the easiest beginner options is to grow herbs. Some of the most common herbs are sage, parsley, oregano, basil and rosemary. Not only will you be able to sell these herbs, but you will have your own supply readily on hand.

Customers are interested in purchasing herbs in various forms. Some desire the actual plants while others want dried herbs. Start with seedlings. Depending on the type of herb you’re planting determines how long it will take to grow. Decide accordingly when you want to plant your seeds.

Dried herbs have several uses, some of which you may not be familiar with. They can be added to food, used in crafts or mixed to make tea recipes. Consider placing the dried herbs in jars with labels to make it easier for customers to view and smell the products. Not only is this presentation visually appealing, it makes it easier for them to decide which herbs they want.

Because of the recent popularity of CBD oil, the hemp plant is a great herb to invest in. Many people use CBD because of its multiple health benefits. Because growing hemp requires control over light, climate, water and wind, it’s better to grow it indoors where it can reach its full potential.


Garlic is simple to grow, and it actually has properties that protect itself from disease and pests. This means that you won’t have to use toxic pesticides because it has its own way to ensure that it’s safe for consumption.

You can sell garlic as the bulb, or you can get creative, which will increase the amount of money you make. Garlic can be used to make insecticides, deer repellent and flea repellent. You can also create food items such as pickled garlic.

Oyster Mushrooms

Growing oyster mushrooms is a great idea if you don’t have much space to work with. They are grown indoors vertically from a hanging bag and are ready to sell in just five weeks. Because mushrooms don’t last long after they’ve been picked, you have an advantage of selling them locally.


If you have gardening experience, growing greens such as lettuce and arugula may be a good choice for you. The expenses associated with growing greens are the same as having a personal garden. You’ll need the typical digging apparatus and a way to irrigate the area, which you probably already have if you have a garden. With proper amounts of water and eight hours of sunshine, you’ll have crops ready to sell in about a month.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Because tomatoes are versatile, they can be eaten raw or added as tasty ingredients in your favorite meals. Unlike many tomatoes purchased from the store, heirloom tomatoes are packed with flavor. Thus, the demand is growing.

They only take two to three months from the time you plant them until they are ready to be picked. This is a plant that is easy to grow for people who are busy because it only requires a few hours per week for upkeep.

Always offer potential customers the chance to sample tomatoes. One taste will encourage them to buy your product, and they will want to tell others. Your business can thrive immensely through word of mouth.

Taking some time to learn about growing and selling produce can be quite lucrative. These are only a few of the crops that you can make some extra cash from. Depending on how much time you have to dedicate to this profitable hobby, you can advance from a few hours per week to a full-time career.

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