Types of promotions in different industries

There are dozens of different options that one industry can use in terms of increasing its sales performance. It is widely accepted that effective sales strategies involve imagery, logic to make the offering attractive and effective copy, and all those should be adjusted to the targeted audience.

Many different industries try their best to increase sales and as of today, we have seen thousands of different/creative ideas that either made an influence on us, or they failed to accomplish their goals. It is true that good promotion requires proper marketing planning and strategy and there is only one gap between accomplishing the purpose or failing in it. Companies that are now trying to make their performance on the market stand out, observe the well-tried promotions and try to adjust them to their requirements. The article will review the effective/creative promotion ideas that have helped many different industries and companies involved in it, to achieve their goals. It should also be mentioned that all those strategies do not necessarily mean success in the performance and every single case needs an individual approach. One strategy that works well in one certain situation, might not work in another.

Google Posts

Businesses are now having the opportunity to announce their deals and offer through “Add Offer” that is offered by Google Maps. it pops up on the screen when a person searches for something and the ad comes as an additional suggestion. This lets the advertisement reach people who locate the company on Google Maps and search when theft is most likely to be interesting. A Google My Business campaign may increase visitors to the website while also increasing the conversion. This works most effectively for businesses such as restaurants, shops, cafes, etc.

1+1 promotion

This type of promotion is considered to be one of the most effective ways of promoting sales. When two products or services are suggested to the clients at one’s prices, this is when the possibility to increase the sales numbers is increasing dramatically.

This type of promotion is also cheap for the business as they do not have to pay extra money to the marketing companies to come up with many different promotion ideas and it also increases the number of sales. For example, when pizza restaurants suggest to the clients that they can buy 2 pizzas at one’s price, this is when saying no is very difficult for most of the customers, whether they were going to buy it for the near future or not. It might even change the decision, what they were going to eat and choose the less expensive option instead. Other businesses that widely use this type of promotion are fitness studios, spas, salons, consultants, and many others.

Those types of promotion can also be used by different industries in different forms. For example, in the financial market, when the platforms are trying to increase their client’s engagement on the website, is to sign up a friend for free, or two accounts at one’s prices, which is already proved to be one of the most effective ways to attract the clients, alongside with the bonus promotion in Forex trading which gives the user the bonuses in case of registering or signing up a friend.

Free Samples

This method was most actively used during the covid pandemic but the results show that this method can work effectively in many other cases too. Free samples as an offer to the clients from the businesses that they have heard or not, might encourage them to get in touch with them. It might happen in the form of testing and when the company wants to know the client’s feedback, or in the case to make them test their product and if they like it, they will more likely make them want to buy it for the next time. It usually works in the industries such as Food, Drinks, Beauty, etc. it gives the clients the best opportunity when they cannot decide whether to buy or not, and the samples are the best opportunity to make up their mind about it.

Lifestyle Discounts

Those are the promotions that apply to those who are under certain categories such as students, teachers, veterans, or senior citizens. Those kinds of promotions might last for several years or months. For example, the students are offered great discounts in the transportation while they are active students, for 3 or 4 years, depending on the country, or sometimes adults under 25. After that, they will start living with the regular prices, if they do not fit in any other categories.

Free shipping and returns

One of the most important obstacles that might stop people from buying something is the delivery price. Sometimes, the products are not as expensive as the shipping price, which makes people search for other alternatives to buy the needed product.

Free shipping is also playing an important role in buying decisions when it comes to the thoughts that, what would happen if the product does not appear the same as anticipated. The option, in this case, is the return, but the shipping price makes it difficult to consider as an option. Free shipping is quite a help in this regard too.

Loyalty programs

There are several approaches when it comes to loyalty programs and that companies can use for attracting customers. For a short time, the company might double or triple loyalty points which might be a terrific incentive to buy. The companies might even give the clients a lump amount of points for signing up for the loyalty program, encouraging them to spend more than they would have otherwise.

Punch cards are another popular method that entitles clients to a special promotion after a specific number of transactions. Some establishments even give clients a little discount when they use their cards.

Social media giveaways

A contest or giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media network on the targeted audience is a terrific method to attract new customers and get more quality followers that are interested in your products or services. To win, for example, one frequent way is to demand followers to tag a particular number of others in the comments or to post their stories.

This is virtually assured publicity if the company can get the existing audience enthused enough about the contest or the gift. Not only does it broaden the reach numbers in social media, but also raises awareness of the brand among the target audience. This directly increases the likelihood of future significant involvement and purchases.

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