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People connect and relate with each other more easily through Bengali. With the advancement of technology and time, Bengali has not just remained restricted to a speech by the locals. But now, the digital and global footprint of the Bengali language has expanded exponentially. As all of us use social media. Amongst all social media platforms, what’s the one thing you like to use while chatting? Stickers!

For those who aren’t familiar with stickers, stickers are digital graphics that you can use to make conversations funnier! Stickers can be based on any movie, cartoon or web series (yes, even the web series you kept a secret). Thus, you can get a lot of variety in the pre-installed sticker libraries.

Now, keyboard apps and sticker libraries also offer you the feature of creating new stickers.

Wondering how?

You can create stickers for your personal use by using any picture you like! Such applications offer you an interface for designing such stickers with images and emojis, along with any caption that you want!

This feature gives you a lot of liberty. You can create an entire sticker library by yourself and customize it according to your own preferences!

Bengali Keyboard App by Bharat Keyboards is a great app that lets you create stickers with images and emojis of your choice! It also allows you to add Bengali captions in the stickers through the Bengali Keyboard interface provided in the app.

Have we got you hooked to this blog? Well, then read on!

Stickers with relevant pictures and captions are the ones that are circulated the most. Creative stickers can easily make you the talk of your social circle, particularly if the stickers can only be understood by the group.

Bangla keyboard

Use a clear picture. You do want your stickers to be liked by everyone, right? Well, one thing you must take care of while creating a personal sticker is that your photo should be clear. You won’t want to use your sticker if your picture is too blurry and of low quality. Moreover, people would prefer using another sticker over the one you created. So, keep that in mind while building personalized stickers!

Choose crisp sentences while making stickers. We know that you would try to make a meme out of your photo. But wait a second. Are you still typing a paragraph? You might want to back up a little, buddy. Try shortening the content to a small phrase or even a single word. That way, the stickers will be on-point, and you’ll grow fond of them instantly!

Be creative. Who doesn’t love stickers during group chats? Everyone does! These stickers can also serve as a medium for you to show just how creative you are! So, go creative with words and pictures while making stickers! We’re pretty sure all of your friends would love a unique sticker with an equally funny joke!

Before posting a sticker, you should consider the group’s environment and the age of its members. After all, you would not want to hurt someone’s feelings when all you wanted to do was lighten the group’s mood with a sticker.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll become a sticker pro in no time!

Want to try out the Bengali Keyboard? Download the bangla keyboard app now! The Bengali typing keyboard by Bharat keyboard is the need of the hour in the current times of virtual interaction. The Bengali typing keyboard is an AI-based technology that also enables English to Bengali translations, Bengali voice typing, auto-correct feature and customized stickers which make Bengali typing easier than ever before.

It also offers easy-to-operate functions and a wide variety of jokes, shayaris, emojis, and GIFs which make communication over smart screens more enjoyable, life-like, and expressive.  People who have a hard time overcoming language barriers and want to engage with vernacular friends over media platforms can get on board seamlessly!

Stay updated and make the best use of the latest technology to enhance your social presence and win the hearts of your target audience every day.

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